From Fillings to Fillers

Having practised as a dentist for fifteen years before becoming an aesthetic doctor, it was Dr Emma Ravichandran’s mother who suggested that she look further away from paediatric dentistry.  “My mum said ‘Maybe you could do some of this for me’!” she says.  “So I did an introductory course into Botox and fillers in 2006 and carried on doing aesthetics alongside dentistry,” explains Dr Ravichandran.  “But after a year my boss said to me ‘you’ve got one foot on the boat and one foot on the pier’ and I had to make up my mind. And I chose this direction.”

But a dental background has given untold benefits to her technique.  “Because of my dental background, I try to correct any anomalies around the mouth. Say somebody has a weak chin, then you can bring that forward, with filler such as Profhilo.

And I get referrals from other dentists.   For instance, if a patient has a gummy smile, I can help that by using a toxin; I favour Bocouture which has the most amount of active toxins.”

Tip – If you sleep on one side you will always have less volume on that side which is ageing, so try to alternate the side you sleep on.

But working in Scotland has another advantage to the rest of the UK – new regulations. “Aesthetic clinicians are being regulated by the Scottish government which is definitely in the public interest,” explains Dr Ravichandran.  Now, only registered healthcare professionals who have achieved an expert standard of training to will be allowed to practice and there will be mandatory registration to all cosmetic practitioners, including beauty therapists.    This is a huge step in the right direction and one the rest of the UK should follow. “Of course it’s vital for public safety,” Dr Ravichandran continues. “But if you come to a registered clinic with a doctor or nurse who has really invested a lot of time learning and aspiring to provide proper anti-ageing medicine versus someone just carrying out  the procedure of injections or the dreaded ‘Botox parties’, you will get much better results.”

As for herself, at 41 she has had “a little bit of toxin” since hitting 35.  “I definitely do not subscribe to the frozen look and like to make everything look natural.”  Fillers, she says are best to help replace the fat and lift the cheeks as gravity takes it’s hold and jowls appear.  Does she still do the odd filling?  “No, not at all, not for fun! No, definitely not.”

Tip:  Slapping on hand cream every-time you wash your hands will only go so far – “use a high SPF 50 waterproof body lotion for even more protection” suggests Dr Ravichandran.  


Dr Emma Ravichandran, is the co-founder of Clinetix clinics in Glasgow and Bothwell in Scotland

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