Fuzz-Free Summer

An important part of the pre-holiday planning is deciding when and how to get fuzz-free! Wasting valuable beach time due to shaving your legs is a no-no, and waxing is also a chore!

Laser Hair Removal has become very popular as more and more women need a longer term solution to the hairy problem. It targets the pigment in the hair follicle only, which means that unlike IPL it can be used on darker skin. Between 6-12 sessions are required and the results depend upon your skin tone, hair type and growth phase of the hair.

I won’t lie – it can be a little painful, but is so worth the smooth skin you’re left with! You may experience a little irritation afterwards, and if you want it done in time for your holidays, ensure the sessions are complete 6 weeks before your holiday – as you should avoid direct sun exposure during this time.



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