You can still be fabulous in your 60’s and beyond. It’s up to you. You can opt to be a ‘Glamma’ (a glamourous granny) or you can settle for a twin-set and a pair of comfy shoes. I know what I’d prefer. You have more freedom, money and time to focus on your needs at this age, and it’s great to pick and choose when to see the kids and grandchildren.

Now’s the time to consider cosmetic surgery if you really want to turn back the clock. I knew a lady who had a face-life in her 70’s because she finally had the cash, and it gave her a whole new lease of life. On the other hand, my mum never had any surgical help and was still gorgeous and her naughty personality shone through.

The point is, we have choices are there is plenty of advice in my book to help you! elderly-woman-in-70s-620kb012011

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