Judging by the number of glamorous backless gowns in the shops the back is the latest body part under the spotlight. But for many women going backless is just as difficult as going sleeveless and to pull off a look like this, you can’t overlook the muscle tone and skin texture of your back. Over the last year we’ve seen a huge increase in patients demanding procedures to get their back in shape especially targeting the most complained about trouble spots – bra bulge, the bit of fat that hands over the back of a bra strap and back fat, the rolls of fat that sit above the waist.  Slim or curvy, all shapes and sizes of women are plagued by this problem area especially as the back can be one of the hardest parts of the body to tone up, mainly because excess fat here is caused by genetics, diet and a lack of exercise. But with time and effort along with targeted back treatments your rear view can be as glamorous and as glowing as your front. Here’s how



Don’t neglect the skin or your back  as it  can suffer the same dull tone as anywhere else. It can also get clogged with oil and dead skin, which can lead to blemishes .The back contains many key lymph nodes and stimulation of these nodes encourages healthy, clean skin .A new unique treatment great for special events or before you go on holiday   is The Back Detox .The five stage hi tech treatment includes lymphatic draining, a deep cleanse and exfoliation, extraction, glycolic peel followed by a deep moisturising and hydration treatment using antioxidants and hyaluronic acid.

Cost From £150


ZAP THAT ZIT – if you suddenly develop a large pimple on your back  a cortisone jab along with an IPL treatment can shrink swelling and redness within 24 hours £100




Fat has a tendency to hang around the back area and cause you to look lumpy, whether you’re wearing a backless frock or just a tight sweater. BackTite is ideal for tightening loose skin as well as reducing surplus fat around the upper and lower back and the backs of arms.  A radiofrequency probe is inserted through a tiny incision and it heats and melts fat, which is then sucked out. At the same time, the probe heats the skin causing it to tighten and contract. It requires a local anaesthetic and light sedation. You’ll see results straightway but full effects kick in between eight and ten weeks later.

Downtime Around a week and you’ll need to wear compression garments

Cost From £3k



As we age many people suffer with what we call “granny skin”—fairly thin, crêpey and wrinkly skin   especially on the backs of arms and lower back, mainly caused through ageing and sun damage. Fractora Firm is a pain free resurfacing and skin rejuvenation alternative to laser which uses radio frequency technology to help promote collagen and skin tightening without any downtime. The hand piece looks a bit like a hairbrush with fine needles which is placed on the skin and RF energy is passed through the needles to heat up the skin. A course of 6 weekly treatments will achieve best results but one before a big event will make skin look fresher and more vibrant

Downtime None though skin may be slightly red for a day or two

Cost from  £750



LOOK BEHIND YOU ! It’s the secret behind many A-listers backless and barely there gowns – the Invisibra helping to keep unsightly bra straps from spoiling the view.  Created by lingerie experts Lavalia, the bra does away with straps and back hooks altogether by using special skin friendly adhesive. Using cutting edge technology, the bra which looks like two cups held together with a small clasp   is made of silicon £48 or fabric £38 and promises to stay on securely all night. For more info check <>



Bra overhang – when excess skin bulges out around the bra straps and underneath the arm, is   a common problem for most women over 40 and even going backless can accentuate the problem making it a difficult area to disguise. It’s mostly due to hormones, and genes and the ageing effect on our skin.  BodyJet, a variation on traditional liposuction is a water jet assisted procedure that gently washes away the fat without traumatising blood vessels and nerves. It’s a minimally invasive treatment using local anesthetic. You’ll see immediate results but best results six weeks later.

Downtime one to two weeks

Cost From £3k



*Nutrition plays a big part in losing back fat so eat less and move more. Cut back on carbohydrates /sugar and eat more fish, fruit lean meat and salads. Avoid eating just before sleeping and drink plenty of water.

*The fastest way to burn fat off is to exercise more often – twenty to thirty minutes of daily walking works wonders for reducing body fat on the back. Swimming is best for tackling bra overhang – try front crawl and butterfly. Pilates will also help strengthen the muscles that actually support the back.

*At home try theBack Squeeze which works wonders on your mid and upper back muscles, Start by sitting on the floor with your legs straight in front of you. Place the middle of a resistance band against the soles of your feet and grab each end of it. Wind it around your hands once if you need to, so it’s taut when you’re sitting in the upright position.  Pull your elbows back, squeezing your back muscles and keeping your elbows close to your body. Return to the starting position. Aim for two sets of eight to ten repetitions. Try to do this every other day and you’ll see an improvement in your back muscles as well as your posture as well as reduce the risk of back and neck ache.

*When bathing or showering don’t forget the skin on your back. It can suffer the same dull tone as anywhere else and get clogged with oil and dead skin leading to spotty backs. Regular skin brushing will help so treat yourself to a long handled bristle brush which will also boost circulation and improve skin tone.

*A  tan can do wonders for covering pigment and uneven skin tone. Our fave is Beauty Lab Peptide Tanning, a naturally golden streak free colour and perfect for all skin types  £20 beautylablondon





Whether you hail from the Scotland or the south seasonal adjustments are a must. Like swapping your cardi for a coat, or bare legs for opaques. So why, when it comes to skin care, do you expect the same old routine that worked for you during the summer, to carry you through the chilly months? I can always tell when someone hasn’t changed their summer routine as I see a lot of women with ruddy complexions or complaining about itchy skin and they’re completely at a loss for why.

Winter’s low humidity, harsh weather and central heating can affect the skin in different — but no less damaging  — ways than the sun. When the weather turns cold our skin becomes dry and itchy. Even people who don’t normally have dry skin can find the winter months a problem. The barrier that prevents skin getting dry is in the outer most layer, the stratum corneum, and when the skin becomes dry, the lipids (fats) that help stick skin cells together and prevent water loss are lost. Without them, the cells don’t stick well together and flake off. Other winter skin problems can include: chafing, dry, chapped lips and a ruddy weather-beaten look; caused by fluctuating blood vessels when you go between extreme temperatures. No wonder it; s called the curse of the winter skin. Dry air is probably the most common cause of dry, itchy skin as it draws the moisture right out of the skin especially indoors with the central heating turned up. A new hygienic humidifier unveiled by Sir James Dyson last month promises to keep your skin hydrated by moisturising the air in your home by projecting a fine mist into the room. Traditional humidifiers use untreated water which can expel bacteria but this new version treats the water with ultraviolet light to kill germs. It’s not available until the New Year at branches of John Lewis when it will retail for around £400 but until then and before you reach for another dollop of moisturiser there are lifestyle and skin care changes, that can hydrate your complexion just as well.

Moisturiser Misuse

The one thing you probably can’t live without is moisturiser

and as a nation, we buy more moisturiser than any other skincare product but the latest thinking is that it could be making your skin lazy. The high water content of the cream moistens the outermost layer of skin  but the water  can quickly evaporate due to body temperature, which   exacerbates dryness.  The answer is not to load on more moisturiser but to take a look at your skin care regime Spending more time on thorough cleansing and  regular exfoliation will often help dry, itchy  skin as it stimulates micro-circulation  will lift dead skin cells and promote skin renewal. Follow this with  an oil free serum  containing antioxidants like Vitamin A, B, and C which penetrates skin deeper than a moisturiser and always use a  good SPF of at least 30 which will do more for your complexion than any moisturiser. At night try using a facial oil  and avoid skin care containing harsh ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide or too much alcohol and perfume which can all  be too drying.



**HSS Firma Serum, £32 (<> a high potency serum containing my favourite ingredient hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate the skin

*Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Oil  £14.95  <>, is an award winning formula and its ultra nourishing ingredients including organic almond oil and antioxidant rich plum kernel oil will help protect and smooth delicate dry skin.

*Time Defy Thermal Polish Exfoliator £9.50 <> a self heating scrub – apply to damp skin and   the warming action deep cleanses and exfoliates, lifting stubborn dead skin cells from the skin’s surface leaving  soft and smooth


Body Boost

Don’t be tempted to turn  up the heat in the shower as hot water followed by cool, dry air is a key culprit when it comes to rough, itchy arms, legs, and bottom . Keep showers short and lukewarm and to lock in moisture post-shower, pat, don’t rub, yourself dry, and immediately coat skin in a thick  body lotion . Look for ones containing alpha-hydroxyl acids which  will  help peel away dead, dry skin, and  get rid of the flaking or glycerine which pulls water into the skinAlways smooth lotion on damp skin.  You have a three-minute window for best results.  Wait any longer and moisture starts to disappear from skin before you can lock it in. And keep the  bathroom door closed to maintain the humidity



*Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Intense Repair Body Lotion for Very Dry & Irritated Skin, £3.82, <>

*A Body Peel at the clinic  will help remove dead skin and improve the texture and surface appearance of the body skin. A  prepping solution is applied first to ‘degrease’ the skin. Then the peel will be applied to each body area including arms, chest and midriff, back and legs . It’s washed off after around ten minutes and followed by a moisture massage leaving skin buffed and baby soft. Expect to pay around £120



Even the most luxurious lip-gloss can’t salvage cracked, chapped lips. I’m a big advocate of exfoliating – a mixture of fine salt and olive oil is an effective home remedy.  Or smooth a layer of Vaseline or lip balm over lips and then brush gently with a dry toothbrush (not the one you use on your teeth). For long lasting protection,  use a  lip  moisturiser daily but for painfully chapped lips a dab of hydrocortisone cream once a day for no more than a week will help .


*Lanolips 101   Ointment £11 from Waitrose/Boots a real cold weather multi tasker which  contains 100 per cent  pure medical grade lanolin is hypoallergenic a and  a gives a lovely gloss to the lips. It will also help reduce redness on flaky noses, tame any flyaway hairs and soften cuticles.


Inside Out

Remember to lubricate your skin through your diet, too, by loading up on foods rich in essential fatty acids. A poor diet lacking in essential vitamins and minerals will make dry skin even flakier . Include plenty of fruit and vegetable in your diet  Essential fatty acids such omega 3  also plays a role in supporting the skin. The best source of Omega 3 in the diet is oily fish, such as salmon, mackerel, fresh tuna, and sardines . Wash it down with plenty of water.





Is there anything Botox can’t do? Aside from its primary medical and wrinkle-relaxing use,  did you know Botox can also be used to successfully treat chronic migraines.

The injections of muscle-paralysing botulinum toxin, are given in the scalp, head and neck area. It does not work by relaxing muscles around vessels, but by reducing the pain transmission to the brain. This in turn can support the relaxation of muscle tension. The Botox starts to work 3 to 4 days after the procedure and migraines become less frequent or severe. The procedure takes around ten to 15 minutes and is painless You may be slightly red at the injection site for a few hours and as a rule Botox wears off after three to six months when you can have another course. The maximum effect can be expected after 12 months.  Results of studies have shown that  the procedure can reduce the migraine frequency, migraine severity, acute medication usage and associated vomiting in up to 65% of sufferers. Cost from £599 contact for more info 0207 436 4441

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