If there’s one cosmetic enhancement that will go down in history  as the most talked about procedure  it  has to  be the trout pout. And, alas  the same goes  for its owners. From Leslie Ash, and  Melanie Griffiths  and more recently Tulisa and Kim Kardashian-  some of our loveliest  stars are  often written about  because of their botched lip jobs rather than their  careers or performances  But good news, because  it looks like  we can  kiss the duck  lip look  goodbye .According to recent statistics requests for lip reductions procedures are up by 135 per cent  over the last year as  women shun big lips  for a more natural  understated look. Unfortunately the trend for an oversized mouth has  given  lip augmentation a bad name,which is a shame as a lip procedure carried out by a good cosmetic doctor can work wonders on an ageing face as

you can make a face look about five to ten year younger by various anti ageing  mouth treatments .

Lips are the  most expressive aspect of the face. but just like the rest of you they wrinkle and age, often faster than the complexion..The They tend to thin from around the age of 30, with the effects becoming more obvious from the late 30s, especially on smokers Sometimes, the lower lips just disappears or loses volume with fine lines appearing above and below the lip border often causing  ‘lipstick bleed’. Usually, people make the mistake that the lips just involve the red part but actually the lip area   extends upwards towards the nose, downward to the chin and sideways towards the nose to mouth lines .  A good cosmetic doctor will target all of these areas to get the best effect for a lip makeover, including the shape and lipstick lines as just volumising the lips  will look odd on an ageing face . So just in time for Valentine’s Day here’s how you can  perk up your pout with the latest procedures


 Wrinkled lips

If your lips are crepey looking and covered in fine lines then rather than adding volume, Restylane Lip Refresh is an injectable treatment that will hydrates the lips as well as  plump and smooth  fine lines. It works by using tiny pin pricks  which delivers Hyaluronic acid into the upper and lower lips to encourage hydration levels.  There may be some  temporary swelling or redness  but this will disappear after a few days. Results last around 6 months. Cost from £350

Tram/Smoker’s Lines

Vertical lip lines can be a problem for many women and there are three factors—excessive sun exposure, genetics and smoking—that can greatly accelerate the process  creating lip lines and  a lack of definition.

Smartxide CO2 laser is excellent for softening lip lines above the mouth – it pierces tiny holes into the skin to stimulate skin tightening and thickening. The mouth area will be quite red for 3 days or so and will also peel but this controlled injury makes the skin repair itself by producing collagen making the skin thicker and stronger. From £500 and the results will last up to three years.

Thin  Lips

You can get fuller lips without  the dreaded trout pout. There are many different injectable options for temporarily boosting lips and the areas surrounding them but always use a non-permanent filler  based on hyaluronic acid, found naturally in the body, so the product is very safe. It will be broken down by the body’s natural processes over 4 to 8 months and can also be dissolved if the effect is not to your liking. If you use a permanent filler , then you could end up with a permanent problem like actress Leslie Ash. A small amount of filler injected into the v shape at either end of the lips can also restore the shape of the lips. One treatment will last around 9months   from £350

Dry flakey lips

Your lips are more susceptible to sun damage than any other part of your body and lip gloss magnifies UV rays, making lips even more likely to burn. Wear a lip balm with SPF 30, daily. And if you find new freckles on the lips, get them checked out immediately. ZO Liprebuild  is a new advanced medical lip treatment which  contains advanced peptides and retinol to repair dry, cracking lips and protect lips from the environment. The formula also works to improve overall shape and restore a rosy hue  £98 call 0207 436 4441

Regular exfoliation  will help boost blood circulation, remove dead skin and aids cell renewal so lips will look plumper, healthier and brighter. You can buy lip exfoliators from brands, such as Clarins (Extra-Firming Lip and Contour Gentle Exfoliator, £17.36, Boots).For a home remedy, use a very soft bristled toothbrush dipped in a lip balm like Vaseline   and gently exfoliate using small light circular movements with the toothbrush on the lips.  Or take a wet soft cloth and rub it gently over your lips in circular movements.   It’s important to moisturise and hydrate your lips morning and night. – honey and olive oil are great for lip nourishment

Shapeless lips

As we get older, the edge of the lips becomes less shapely. Collagen and elastin, which give lips their pouty shape, break down over time, and lines around the lips settle in. Once these lines become etched into the skin, there’s less definition. To recreate a youthful, heart-shaped outline, Botox can be injected along the edges of the upper and lower lip line, temporarily relaxing the muscles that can cause wrinkling. The procedure requires no anesthesia and takes only 10 minutes. If your lips are thin a look a bit meek, crooked teeth may also  be to blame. When teeth aren’t properly aligned, your entire lower face, including your lips, appear to cave inward due to a lack of structural support. To help straighten a crooked smile, do see a dentist who can use a device called aligners  to gradually move your teeth back into place. Every few weeks, your dentist will give you new aligners to wear, swapping them out as your smile begins to straighten. When your teeth are evenly aligned  usually after a year in your lips will look more pronounced and symmetrical. Prices vary but the treatment is not usually  available on the NHS

Lip Lift

The latest  trend in Hollywood  is the lip lift procedure where the upper lip is shortened by making an incision in the crease under the nose and repositioning the tissue to create a shorter, poutier mouth with turned-up corners and less skin in the nasolabial area.Because the incision is made at the crease below the nose, the scar is generally well-hidden so there aren’t obvious traces that the procedure has been done. From £3k
Lack of  Lip Border

Semipermanent makeup adds more definition, making the lips look more plump without the use of injections. The one-hour treatment begins by numbing the lips with lidocaine before the lip line and area directly above it are injected with pigment that’s customized for your lip and skin tone.  Post-treatment, your lips may be red and swollen, and it will probably scab for a few days. However, the results can last from one to three years, depending on how fast the injected pigment is absorbed.. Results should last up to two years – from £800.


How much?

Women  often admit to telling little white lies to their partners about the amount of money  splashed out on a shopping spree or even hide the evidence saying ‘what this old thing, I’ve had it for years’.

But perhaps we won’t need to for much longer.

Because for the first time British men are spending more than women on looking good items.

According to a new survey, it seems ‘mansumers’ are now out spending women each month by around £5 on beauty grooming essentials like haircuts, fitness supplements and even cosmetics.

One sixth of the men surveyed also admitted to wearing make up and more than two fifths shelled out nearly £20 a month on beauty and grooming products while 14 per cent splashed out on regular manicures and pedicures.

The study carried out by thinkmoney also revealed that 15 per cent of men also invested in other beauty treatments including facials, hair removal and eyebrow threading bringing their total potential monthly spend to over £202 – more than women spend on the same things, £197.00

The figures show that the stigma associated with male grooming has finally disappeared and men are not only willing to spend money to maintain their looks they are also regularly visiting salons and spas for groomed eyebrows, flawless complexions and manicured nails.

So who’s the vainer sex now?Now all we’ve got to do is persuade them to buy more shoes…

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