Grooming The Male

It’s no secret that women are worried about ageing … we spend a lot of time preparing ourselves for the world on a morning to make ourselves look presentable, but what about the men? There once was a time they could just roll out of bed and be ready to go … those days are no longer.
becks2“It was not so very long ago that it was thought guys had it easy in the ablutionary department. Our female compatriots spending hours in the morning and before a night on the town perfecting make-up and making sure hairstyles were just so, eye brows exquisitely plucked and shaped, cheeks pink, and noses powdered- and that was just to get started. Men, in comparison, literally just had to roll out of bed, pull on whatever they had slipped out of the night before, whack on some Bryl Cream in what remained of the hair, and providing teeth were cleaned and hygiene wasn’t too noticeably bad, they were deemed fit for public consumption.How the tables have turned. From the New Romantics nod back towards the days of the Edwardian dandy to the recent exquisite perfectionism of a David Beckham, Tom Cruise, or even a George Clooney, men now worry about their looks and grooming as never before. An alertness to the ageing process – so long the preserve of women worrying that each additional line or wrinkle meant another year less remaining on the clock – has similarly now infected men. Only in a sense, it is worse for us- with no general acceptance of caked on make-up to hide the cracks and crevices, unless you wish to resemble Coco the Clown or the latest drag act headlining at Madame JoJos. In the world of men, those imperfections and demarcations of time are laid bare – in the raw – for all to see.

Which is why I was so very fortunate to stumble across Dr Aamer Khan and Lesley Reynolds at Harley Street Skin some two years ago now. With a totally unique perspective on the cosmetic and grooming industry in general, the Cagney and Lacey of dermatology, seek not so much to hold back the years, but rather to ensure that if the inevitable happens, it happens as smoothly, attractively, and slowly as possible. Believing that surgical procedures (facelifts etc) should be an absolute last and often unnecessary resort, Lesley and Dr Khan and have instead developed a plethora of natural and holistic weapons in their arsenal to fight the good aesthetic fight on your behalf. Fortunately for me, in particular, they have developed a specific skin care range for men which is outstanding- understanding that whilst men and women have rather different make-ups of skin, many of our concerns in this intrusive age, are precisely the same.

But like with most things in life, quality skincare is an ongoing and never ending process. Here too, I found to my enormous benefit Harley Street Skin offers something quite out of the ordinary- in terms of a tailor-made regular and ongoing programme of check-ups and treatments designed specifically for men. Indeed, in the last two years that I’ve been a client / patient at the clinic, I’ve noticed a marked difference in the quality of the skin tone I’m radiating. More than that, I now have the peace of mind of knowing I’m in the very best and most capable of hands of people who genuinely seek for me to look and feel my best and understand that this is a relationship which requires complete and utter trust on both sides. Fortunately I have such a relationship with Dr Khan and Lesley Reynolds- two individuals who have changed the way I think about my skin for the better.”

-Ben Duncan


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