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A ‘nose job” is one of the most sought-after procedures in plastic surgery today and a good result can make a dramatic difference to the facial features as well as to a patient’s self esteem.

About 3000 people have ‘ nose jobs’ (rhinoplasty) every year in the UK and the most common reasons are for a nose that is crooked too large or too wide or a bump on the bridge. Some people even want surgery if their nose is too small for their features.  As we age the supportive structure of the nose can sometimes weaken and change its shape and position so the nose can appear much longer with the tip drooping or even becoming thicker and wider in proportion to sunken cheeks.  In fact, nasal flaws like humps and droopy tips can add a decade to your appearance.But balancing proportions between the nose and the rest of the face is the biggest challenge facing rhinoplasty surgeons and the skill is being able to identify what nasal shape will complement the patient’s face. Rhinoplasty can be tricky op as every patient has his or her own expectations so it’s critical to see an experienced surgeon with a good aesthetic eye.


The Procedure

Rhinoplasty has come a long way in recent years but like all surgery there are risks.   The procedure takes anything from one to three hours to perform and is usually carried out under general anesthetic but contrary to belief the nose isn’t always broken during the op and this is usually not necessary for correcting bumps. Recovery after the procedure can be difficult and can take several weeks. A splint will have to be worn for up to a week and often the nose is packed with gauze to help support it as it heals.  There will be swelling and stiffness and often bruising around the eyes and cheeks. . The nose will remain very tender, sometimes for up to a year, and even wearing spectacles can be painful.  Nosebleeds are also common after the op and sometimes correction surgery is needed after the nose has settled into its new shape. Theoretically, rhinoplasty is designed to last a lifetime.

Expect to pay around £5.500 to £7.500, but results are permanent. For more info we recommend Raj Ragoowansi 08700 418804



A team of US surgeons recently did a study on the perfect nose. The result? The ideal for a woman is slightly upturned at an angle of 106 degrees, the same nose as Kate Middleton, and actresses Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale. In the UK it’s claimed the Kate effect has made rhinoplasty more popular with women asking cosmetic surgeons for a ‘ Duchess nose ‘!

How’s your nose know- how. Did you know a youthful nose should

1. Point upward ever so slightly. Noses that point up a little are associated with a younger look, but you don’t want too much nostril to show.
2. Be smooth. The bridge of the nose should be straight and smooth so that the profile view matches the front view.
3. Be the right width. When the nose is too wide, it can detract from other features, like the cheeks.


Jodie Marsh

The Essex born glamour model admitted she had a nose job at 15. When she was at primary school her nose was ‘broken during a hockey match and later at secondary school she was bullied because of it’s strange appearance so her parents encouraged her get a nose job.  But, it made no difference and the bullying continued until her parents removed her from school. Today, while, it’s still not a perfect nose as it is very thin and still bulbous at the tip it’s still an improvement and is part of Jodie’s character and individual look.

Rebecca Adlington

The   26-year-old Olympic swimmer who won two gold medals in the 2008 Beijing was rumoured to have undergone a rhinoplasty procedure last year after being bombarded with abuse on Twitter about her appearance. She’s has neither confirmed or denied these rumours but here her nose certainly looks like it’s been ’shaved’ as it’s straighter, slimmer and fits her face much better. If she did have an op we think she’s had a great result

Jennifer Grey

The Dirty Dancing actress had a nose job in 1989 which was later labelled by the US press as one of the worst in Hollywood. Instead of making her nose less prominent the surgery totally changed her face Today, the 54 year old   blames the surgery for killing her movie career saying “I went into the operating room a celebrity and came out anonymous,” she says. “I’ll always be this once-famous actress nobody recognises because of a nose job.” Your facial appearance is greatly influenced by the size and shape of your nose. The slightest alteration to can make a vast improvement to your overall look and no one would be any the wiser but undergoing a major nose job like Jennifer did is difficult to hide

Heidi Montag

Heidi 28, well known for once having ten cosmetic procedures in one day is believed to have had her first nose job aged just 21 and later had a revision. She said at the time “I hated my nose. It took up so much of my face, when I looked down I could see my nose.  I couldn’t get away from it. “Now it is clearly slimmer with a less bulbous tip so it is not so prominent on her face and makes her look much more feminine. Heidi has had a great result as her nose now fits her face.

Tori Spelling

Tori openly admitted to having a nose job around fifteen years ago after her mum once told her ‘You will be beautiful after a nose job.  It’s rumoured she may have had a couple of revisions since. But today the mum of two’s nose look much better than it did. The surgeon did a very subtle job – although her new nose is not much smaller, it’s in proportion and fits her facial features.


Going under the knife for a new nose is no longer the   only option and over the last year the use of injectables for nasal contouring has become a very powerful tool.  This procedure is perfect for those who are unhappy with the shape of their nose, rather than the size and an experienced cosmetic doctor can fix minor nose asymmetries like bumps by filling in the depressions surrounding it to create the illusion of a more even profile.  Using hyaluronic acid filler like TEOSYAL, a gel like substance, which is found naturally in the body’s connective tissues. it combines with water and collagen under the skin to form a spongy layer in between cells adding plumpness to specific areas. But, as it isn’t the same as the body’s own tissue, it gradually breaks down over a period of up to a year and the fillers are eliminated by the body naturally. While the results are temporary, unlike conventional rhinoplasty, recovery from dermal filler injections is shorter, with less bruising. Also, the beauty of this technique is if you are uncertain about how you might look after surgery, this is an easy way to do a trial run. Botox can also be used as part of the treatment to help relax the muscle that pulls the nasal tip downward, creating a more upturned appearance, or to soften the “bunny lines” on the sides near the top of the nose. However, it’s important to remember that injectables are only capable of disguising the imperfection temporarily and not correcting it. An Injectable rhinoplasty is usually performed using local anesthetic and can deliver a fast and dramatic improvement in around 30 minutes. However it is important to remember that injectables cannot fix all nasal problems so there will always be the need for surgery Expect to pay from  £600 and results should last up to six months.Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 11.14.56

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