If so then Intravenous drip therapy is a fast way to restore your get up and glow. The special nutrient-infused IV bags come with a menu of therapies to cure hangovers, give an instant energy boost or to rejuvenate skin. 

During the treatment, which can cost anything from £199, a cocktail of vitamins and minerals is mixed with a saline solution and slowly fed into the blood stream though an intravenous  (IV) drip or injected straight into the blood stream. The infusion used is mixed specifically for your concerns after consultation with a doctor.  

However, any IV treatments should only be given in reputable medical facilities in the hands of skilled practitioners. From £200 0207 436 4441




New research shows that 25 per cent of over-55s admit to drinking no water during the day, easily leading to dehydration, and fatigue.  Keep a litre bottle of water by your side and keep sipping throughout the day.


*Make sure you get out in the daylight for at least 30 minutes – to prevent seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and get your Vitamin D levels checked.


*A daily probiotic can help boost digestion, immunity and energy levels. Try OptiBac Probiotics For Daily immunity  (£9.58 victoriahealth.com).


*Treat yourself to a wellbeing soak. Even just 15-minutes can boost and revive over stimulated minds. Add a few drops of Elemis Life Elixirs Calm Bath and Shower Elixir (to help de-stress and revive your soul.


*An afternoon snooze is also good for you, as regular siestas have been shown to keep energy zapping stress levels lowered.


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