The latest in technology means beauty gadgets are even more ingenious. Look out for these smart new tools.


The Kerastase Hair Coach is used with a Smart Phone.

It uses clever sensors that feed data via Wi-Fi to an app and every time you brush your hair a small microphone in the brush picks up the sound to determine your hair’s manageability and show how healthy your hair is.  The app also takes external factors like humidity, temperature, UV and wind into account and will then give personalised product recommendations. £200 from Kerastase hair salons or go to kerastase.co.uk.

Look out for another new hair innovation, The CareCut, which targets and seals split ends using innovative, electrically heated scissors. Unlike a conventional haircut, the thermal scissors seal the tips of the hair at the moment of cutting, locking in moisture and emollients to give long lasting protection against elements that cause the hair to dry out. Price according to styling. To find your nearest CareCut salon go towww.carecut.com

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