Hi Tech Tummy Toners

Hi Tech Tummy Toners

Diet and exercise are still the first (and often the best) option when dealing with stubborn fat around the stomach area but if that’s working a non invasive treatment can help zap stubborn fat underneath the skin’s surface as well as tighten loose, crinkly skin.

Tite FX is ideal for flabby tummies. Radio Frequency and electroporation are used to destroy fat cells as well as boost collagen to tighten and improve skin tone. Four to six weekly hourly treatments recommended from £999 for a course.

If your tummy problem is more about crepey or just a little loose skin, Reaction is a quick, safe procedure that uses both vacuum massage and radiofrequency (RF) to firm up and ton. The massage improves blood circulation and lymphatic draining, while the heat produced by RF stimulates new collagen growth for better skin thickness and texture and a reduction in circumference. You’ll need around to six to eight 20-minute treatments for maximum effect and results should last for at least two to three years as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle. A course of six costs £999. 0207 436 4441

Most women never regain a washboard stomach after pregnancy, but a postnatal bulge is not so much about fat as muscle tone. During pregnancy the abdominals have to stretch and lengthen enormously and in some women they will separate completely leaving a pouch of loose skin after birth, which is resistant to diet and exercise. The only way to correct the problem is to excise the loose skin with a mini tummy tuck The new micro- tuck focuses on the lower tummy and is less traumatic that a full on tummy tuck with a much faster recovery rate. The incision is very short and is best for women who are in excellent shape but have a small amount of excess skin. You will need downtime of at least two to three weeks for recovery. From £6k for more info 0207 436 4441

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