Until recently, surgery seemed to be the only way to change your breasts size and shape but this year non-surgical breast-enhancement will replace the scalpel. Popular across the pond and heading this way is the  Laser Bra Lift, using  lasers to create a fuller, perkier look. Unlike a traditional breast lift, in which a portion of excess skin is removed and discarded , the tissue is treated  with a CO2 laser and then placed inside the breast to provide additional support from the breast to the chest wall. This  “internal bra” lifts the breasts and creates cleavage. Fat grafting can also be used at the same time to improve the shape.

After the PIP implant scare seven years ago look out, too, for new implants containing micro-chips so that they can be easily identified. The chips store information such as date of manufacture, size and serial number and doctors can quickly determine the make and model of the implants using a special scanner.

Another new technology is the development of new 3D VR glasses for cosmetic surgery procedures, which will enable patients to see how they would look after different breast procedures from augmentations to reductions. The technology works by laser scanning body parts in 3D with an iPad, then providing simulation tools to manipulate the 3D model of the client.

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