It’s said that the best thing a celebrity can wear down the red carpet is her glow.  And at this week’s Golden Globes, the stars didn’t let us down.  In fact some glowed so brightly they look like they had been plugged in. But then they most probably had from one of the many fat zapping, glow boosting treatments the stars undergo to get red carpet ready.

The Golden Globes isn’t just about winning an award. It’s about winning on the red carpet too and even though the stars made it look effortless, there’s an awful lot of prepping going on behind the scenes.

Enter the latest and greatest cutting edge, age busting treatments. In a matter of hours, and sometimes minutes, cosmetic doctors can perform quick, comfortable procedures that leave you looking brighter, tauter, and years younger. From supercharged facials which combine a high tech fusion of science and powerful ingredients to the latest 45 minute jaw lifting procedure here are some of  the behind the scenes secrets to that red carpet glow


*The Power Facial

Golden girls, Jennifer Lawrence and Catrione Balfe’s are huge fans of The Triad Facial, an intensive 30-minute glow boosting treatment which leaves the skin poreless and flawless. Devised by Hollywood dermatologist Dr David Colbert, who erected a special pop up clinic to prep the stars ahead of the awards, the £700 three step procedure treatment combines exfoliation to get rid of dry flaky patches, laser toning   using blue and red light to boost collagen followed by a light chemical peel using gentle lavender acid which   gives the skin an instant glow.

But good news you don’t have to go to Hollywood as you can try a similar facial here. The Fortona   also includes a blast of radio frequency to restore texture and tone with no downtime.  We recommend a boot camp of four facials three weeks apart which will transform skin.   From £200 per session contact 0207 436 4441


The Head to Toe Body Boost

The full body facial is de rigeur ahead of a big event. It incorporates all the elements of a traditional facial -steaming, cleansing, and extracting. Every part of the body is attacked during the two-hour treatment – feet, elbows, knees, décolleté, arms back, and even the bottom are exfoliated, by microdermabrasion followed by a glycolic peel.  Professional high grade serums are then massaged into the skin leaving the body renewed and hydrated with a silky soft sheen .For a similar treatment here try Slender Cow Total Body which includes vigorous dry body brushing   and a toning scrub before finishing with firming serum and body butter

(£105 cowshedonline.com)


The Baby Face IV Drip 

Baby Face Drips are the latest Hollywood craze and rumour has it that Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz are fans of the 30 minute treatment which gives the complexion an instant dewy glow, which can last for 24 hours. The intravenous vitamin drips, are filled with vitamins C and B, calcium gluconate, and magnesium chloride which act as a vasodilator increasing blood flow to the skin. , a bit like ‘inside out facial  ‘ because they deliver goodness on the inside, which shows on the outside,. Vitdrips are also  gaining popularity in the UK .During the treatment, which can cost anything from £199, a cocktail of vitamins and minerals is mixed with a saline solution and slowly fed into the blood stream though an intravenous  (IV) drip or injected straight into the blood stream. The infusion used is mixed specifically for your concern after consultation with a drip nurse or a doctor and options include everything from aiding fat burning to. boosting collagen  and plumping skin  for anti  ageing benefits. (Any IV treatments should only be given in reputable medical facilities in the hands of skilled practitioners, and the dosage is safe. (www.revivme.com


Micro Jabs

Ever wondered why the stars never seem to age. Their secret  – micro jabs using  a hyaluronic acid filler, which, can diminish the tiniest and most superficial of lines. These new fillers spread out evenly instead of clumping up like other fillers, so you don’t have to inject it deep into the tissue and the small particles and malleable texture make it possible to smooth shallow lines instantly while maintaining a bump-free surface. It’s perfect for filling in fine lines around the lips and crow’s feet and the result is immediate with no downtime.    Many celebrities combine this with Sprinkles – microinjections of Botox all over the complexion – which refreshes the skin and also give the face a gentle lift at the same time.  The results of this subtle approach can be seen around five days after treatment and will last for up to six months.   The micro jabs are available here from most clinics but remember the skill is down to the injector From £200 Call 02074364441to book a consultation and treatment.

Scalpel Free Jaw Lift

Even in Hollywood , scalpels are becoming yesterday’s news and according to actress Gwyneth Paltow, threading to lift everything rom a sagging jaw line, droopy faces to knees is the future for cosmetic surgery. The process involves threads placed beneath the skin in order to lift sagging skin back into place. According to her website Goop   many Hollywood celebrities are travelling to Europe and Asia to get the latest lifts as the process hasn’t been approved in the US yet. These latest lifts are hugely popular in the UK and can be an easy fix for sagging jawlines and faces Neck muscles can start to enlarge and protrude as we age, resulting in the appearance of thick, tight cords. Because the muscles in the neck and the superficial muscles of the face are connected to one another this means your neck actually pulls your face downward. The very latest lift called the PDO Lift, uses PDO sutures (Polydioxanone, which have been used as absorbable threads during surgery for over 20 years). The results are similar to a surgical lift, lifting & tightening the skin, softening wrinkles and because the threads boost collagen over time, the process will also tightening pores and create volume. Results are immediate with around a week’s downtime as there may be a little swelling or bruising around the injection site.    From £2,000 for more info call 0207 436 4441


Tighten Up

Skin tightening is huge in the US and in the UK and we’ve done several actresses’ eyelids and brows right before red-carpet events because instantly, the skin looks incredibly taut, line free and there’s no downtime. The secret is Pellevé radio frequency device, which doesn’t require anaesthesia and feels a big like a hot stone massage and is the ideal skin smoother for the delicate skin under the eyes. It uses radio frequency waves to stimulate collagen production to smooth and tighten sagging skin The treatment is pain free and the results are excellent, and there’s no downtime. One treatment gives instant results but a course of 4-6 treatments will give lasting effects with one maintenance treatment every 6/12 months Available from most cosmetic clinics or call 0207 436 4441 expect to pay t from £200 per treatment

The secrets behind camera-ready skin

Luminous Line Free Skin

With cameras flashing all night, along with  crying, and kissing, how do the stars maintain their makeup and look so flawless?  Most wear HD (high definition) make up- which will give a flawless complexion in front of the cameras and help make up stay put. You can buy HD make up now from most make up counters  – look out for brands such as Cargo, This Works, Smashbox and Make Up For Ever






*Make Up Forever Ultra HD Stick Foundation, £39 a multi action foundation in stick form which is used in the TV and film industry. . Compatible with 4K technology the formula is even more invisible and combines coated micro-pigments, a powder duo and a blend of emollients to give complexion perfection without the slightest flaw.  Available in 15 shades from mid-January 2016 at Debenhams stores nationwide and online at www.debenhams.com.


*This Works In Transit Camera Close Up, £30 , is an all in one mask, moisturiser and primer which will disguise lines and plump up skin creating a silky surface for foundation. Or smooth on Garnier 5 Second Perfect Blur £12.99 after your usual moisturiser – it diffuses light in all directions to instantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

 Anything that reflects light will hide lines and make skin look more youthful so try adding a couple of drops of illuminator to your foundation .Try Kiko Silver Drops  £6 90 which will give your skin an amazing high gloss glow.


*Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream £27 instantly smoothes skin to give a perfect canvas . Use after moisturiser if skin is dry available in eight shades   boots.com .


*Pores get larger as we age so use a basecoat like NYX Pore Filler £11.00  to minimise and help create a porcelain like finish before putting on your foundation  (boots.com)

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