How can I get rid of the deep lines on my upper lip?

Having vertical wrinkles above the upper lip, sometimes called smoker’s lines can look very ageing and cause a lot of females distress, particularly if they have never smoked.

The wrinkles and lines between the bottom of the nose and the upper lip are caused by loss of muscle tone and collagen, as we age the skin loses its natural plumpness, leading to fine lines and wrinkles that become deeper with the passage of time. They are made worse by smoking and sun beds. Smoking restricts the blood supply to the skin and the toxins attack the collagen making it break down. Sun beds and or too much sun exposure also decrease the collagen levels. But don’t despair, help is at hand!

The first port of call is usually dermal filler, this is injected into the lines and helps to plump and rehydrate the lines and wrinkles, it lasts for about three to six months. More than one treatment may be needed to get the desired effect. Costs £350 per treatment.

Next in line to reduce the wrinkles try fractional Co2 laser, this takes off the surface layer of the skin and puts heat energy into the deeper layers of the skin which stimulates our bodies natural repair leading to plumping of the skin and new collagen production, may need three to six treatments with three to five days downtime after each treatments, results are long lasting, that’s up to a couple of years. Costs £300 per treatment.

If this does not give the results you are looking for try radio frequency in the form of Fractora Deep. Three milimetre pins are pushed into the skin forming tiny holes, then a radio frequency current is administered across the pins which causes deep heat to the tissues which results in skin shrinkage and regenereation. Three treatments with a downtime of a week each time are usually needed for best results. Costs £600 per treatment.

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