How do I know my skin type?
Cleanse your face thoroughly, and then wait for around 30 -60minutes before putting anything else on your skin. How does it feel? If it feels tight or flaky, your complexion is dry, if you’re oily only across the forehead, down the nose, and on the chin, you’ve got combination skin; and if you need to blot your whole face with a tissue, you’re oily. If your face feels irritated or slightly itchy, you   most probably have sensitive skin. Repeat the test four times a year, because your skin often changes seasonally. Once you know your skin type it is important to use the right products including cleanser toner moisturiser and night cream.
I’ve got tiny little red marks on skin, on my arms and thighs– it’s not a rash or spots. They are mostly flat but a couple are raised and look like tiny blood marks. My mother had them too. What are they?
You’ve described cherry angiomas, originally described by Dr Campbell de Morgan so they are sometimes called Campbell de Morgans. They are benign, can run in families and can increase in number and size with age. They’re no real cause for concern but if you dislike them they can be removed with radio frequency costing around £150. Or try a concealing cream or mineral make up to cover them.
The New Hero Skincare  Category  and Ingredients
We’re always hearing about trendy new skincare categories and ingredients and while there will always be the superstars like serums and our favourite ingredients like new retinoids, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, one of autumn’s hero ingredients is green coffee, extracted from raw unroasted green coffee beans and one of the most potent forms of natural antioxidants. It acts like a wake up call for dull, tired skin and helps tighten and tone the complexions. Clarins has already jumped on the bandwagon with Clarins Skin Booster (Detox) £30.00 (from Clarins counters nationwide).
Also look out for a new skincare term  – the buffet – an expression being used by the more expensive products offering combinations of ingredients, in one product – comparing it to the word buffet that offers different foods in one sitting! Buffet is now making its way into the high street  in a new skincare collection, The Ordinary, from the brand Decimen. Containing some of the most powerful ingredients in one small bottle, including Matrixyl, Syn-Ake  peptide, probiotic complex and  hyaluronic acid , Buffet comes at a purse friendly £12.70 ( and is designed to be applied after cleansing,
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