How to keep your surgery a secret….

Do you want to keep your cosmetic procedures a secret? The decision to tell all – or not to – is as personal as the decision to have it in the first place. If you want to keep people guessing regarding any cosmetic enhancements the answer is to be prepared so they stay in the dark. Here’s what to keep in mind so your secret stays a secret….

* If you’re planning to boost your bust by a couple of sizes, start wearing padding bras or bra boosters a couple of months ahead of the procedure so friends get used to your new shape.

* Nothing says ‘I’ve had work done’ more than a bruised, swollen face. If you’re having a surgical facelift,book at least two weeks off from work to give yourself time to recover and for swelling to subside. Any light bruising can be covered up with good camouflage or mineral make up.

* Keep people guessing about whether you’ve had a facelift by changing your make up or hairstyle. Cutting a fringe or changing your hair colour can instantly knock years off you so people will automatically assume your hairstyle is down to the new you…

* Keep your fridge stocked up before surgery so you don’t have to dash out to the shops and bump into anyone you know,especially when you’re still swathed in bandages or wearing compression garments. Even better shop online…

* If you’re having body contouring treatments – tell people you’ve started a diet and joined a gym a few weeks before your procedure.

* Botox, fillers and the new thread lifts can instantly refresh your face without any downtime or tell tale signs.

* Choose a good surgeon who will deliver natural results and make you like the best you can for the age you are – without drastically changing your appearance.

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