Need an anti-ageing boost? Then look no further than water.
We all know that water is important for our health but it also has powerful anti-ageing benefits too, especially when the combination of warmer weather, sun exposure and excess sweating can leave skin parched and dehydrated.
Skin is 64 per cent water and although drinking gallons every day won’t magically erase lines or wrinkles it will help maintain your skin’s natural elasticity and suppleness and keep your body in good working order.  But apart from drinking it, there are also many other ways to make the most of water. From the new water-rich skincare products to hydrate parched skin, beauty mists to rejuvenate, and water based treatments to slim and tone, here’s how to tap into the benefits of all things aqua.
Healthy skin is hydrated skin but finding the most effective way to hydrate skin during summer months can be difficult especially when skin craves the lightest of ingredients. Cue, the latest water based skincare currently making waves in the beauty aisles which provide the skin with a surge of moisture without creating an oil slick or clogging pores.
Most of these new skin waters and water burst gels work by supplying hydration through H2O instead of relying on oil to act as a humectant to lock in moisture. When applied to cleansed skin they instantly boost moisture with no sticky residue but unlike a simple splash of water they contain active ingredients to provide anti-ageing benefits, too, much like a concentrated serum.
Water-burst skincare products can also be easily layered, with serums and moisturisers and come in lotion, sprays, gels and jellies formats. Here’s our pick of the latest liquid assets and remember, the more hydrated your skin is, the plumper, firmer and more radiant it looks.
*Caudalie Beauty Elixir (£32 combines a unique formulation of water-based tonic and serum to give skin an instance radiance boost as well as providing a great base for make-up. To use mist over face before moisturiser.
*Origins Make A Difference+Treatment Lotion (£24 from House of Fraser stores), a pre moisturising treatment containing watermelon and Rose of Jericho which leaves skin plumper and more hydrated.
*Melvita Rose Extraordinary Water (£17 a pre moisturiser blend of damask rose floral water and hyaluronic acid leaving skin plump and supple.
*Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Jelly (£19.99 water based jelly with hyaluronic acid which delivers a cooling blast of hydration and locks in moisture.
Spritz & Spray
Not just glorified water, mineral rich misting sprays instantly refresh makeup, cool overheated skin, help calm dryness, soothe skin irritation and are perfect for all skin types. Sprayed over makeup they can also set foundation and give a dewy finish. Try;
*Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Miracle Hydrating Mist  (£21 from most department stores) rich in antioxidants and suitable for all skin types.
* Avene Thermal Water Spray (handbag size £3.00 Gwyneth Paltrow is a huge fan of this facial spritz, rich in silica and trace elements and perfect for any skin type. The multi-purpose water can also be used on sunburn, acne, nappy rash and will soothe and refresh skin without disturbing makeup.
*Vichy Thermal Spa Water Spray £7
This complexion calming water spray is infused with 15 minerals and 13 trace elements from the core of Auvergne magna rocks, mineral salts and trace elements and cools and soothes sensitive or irritated skin while hydrating and strengthening skin.
*Benefit Ultra Radiance Re-Hydrating Mist  (£22 contains magnesium PCA and white & blue lotus extracts, known for their relaxing properties. Spritz over cleansed skin before using your usual moisturiser or spray throughout the day to refresh tired or stressed skin.
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