As Sue Ellen Ewing in the hit 70’s soap Dallas, Linda Gray was everyone’s favourite Southern belle, both glamorous and beautiful. But that was over forty years ago so surely time has caught up with her? Well, no. because when she appeared on ITV’s Loose Women last week the 74-year-old actress looked even better than she did back in her heyday. So how does she manage to stay so slim and smooth skinned in her seventies? When she was asked to make some official statements regarding surgery rumours a few years ago she admitted that she has had a facelift procedure, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), and also uses some dermal injections on her face. She also attributes her glowing good looks to leading a healthy lifestyle, staying active and eating a healthy diet saying she gets up at 630 every morning and walks for an hour.

Singer Cher once said in an interview that “ageing was like going to the guillotine” but as Linda proves not nowadays. With the latest innovations Linda is a great example of a woman ageing with perfection and showing there’s nothing wrong with not wanting to look old and knackered when you still feel 25 inside and are full of energy. As Linda said “I need to live a long time to fulfil all the things I want to do. I want to be walking around at 90.”

From the whiter than white smile, and the firm jawline and polished skin here the treatments and tips I recommend to keep you looking as good as Linda


Most surgeons and cosmetic doctors prefer to restore contours rather than eliminating every line because that is what makes your face look younger. Linda is a great example; she still has a few lines on her face around the eyes and jaw which makes her overall look seem perfectly natural. A crease here or there makes you look like you’re not really trying, her cheeks are full without looking puffed up and she doesn’t have any hollows under the eyes. Restoring volume also helps to improve the dimension of your facial features, as well as symmetry. A combination of dermal fillers can give your skin the kiss of life by creating a younger plumper look as well as addressing concerns, like wrinkles and volume loss. It’s a quick and painless procedure and can give a beautiful but subtle result.

. Price £750 0207 36 4441


Extreme Facelifts are now a thing of the past being replaced by less invasive procedures leaving a more natural look, like Linda’s. The results are a firmer jawline and a smooth neck without looking too pulled

*A Lower Face and Necklift is the one thing I would suggest if someone wanted to look refreshed and revitalized as it can redefine the lower face. Nowadays, it can also be carried out using a local anaesthetic so patients have a much speedier recovery time, less scarring and can go back to work after two weeks with nobody knowing what they ‘ve had done. Cost£7500 0207 436 4441

*The French Lift is less invasive and ideal if you have a little facial sagging. such as droopy cheeks, tear troughs and nasolabial folds .The procedure is carried out using a local aesthetic, will smooth and tighten ,while scars are miniscule and hidden in the hairline ,results last up to seven years. Expect, slight bruising and swelling after the procedure for up to one week from £4,500 0207 436 4441


*To get a polished glow like Linda’s, a professional microdermabrasion once a month will put the spring back into your skin. A chemical peel can also shave off years in less than an hour by removing the damage top layer of your skin. From £120

*Linda once claimed Botox left her with a wonky brow but Sprinkles uses a fraction of the usual amount of Botox and is injected all over the skin rather than targeting specific areas, which gives a fresher more relaxed look and won’t leave a frozen faces or a lopsided brow. Cost £250


As Linda proves,they should be the windows to your soul—not to your birth certificate. Linda’s eyes are taut with no overhanging skin which instantly makes you look younger. Eye bag surgery called Blepharoplasty will dramatically improve your eyes. It is a relatively simple op where excess tissue and fat is removed through a tiny incision under the lash line. . Expect bruising and swelling for up to two- three weeks after the procedure, results are permanent and can last up to twenty years. From £3,000


Linda’s teeth are white than white and her smiles is natural and youthful. As with any other part of your face or your body the teeth and gums degenerate and as we lose fat from the face it can include the area around the lips, under and at the corners of the nose. At the same time we are losing bone density, so our smiles can become very harsh looking. As we age the teeth can also become worn down and shorter The answer is to restore fullness with a Smile Lift using a combination oft transfer and lip filler to plump up the area. The result is natural with no downtime, from £450

Teeth can also lengthened with veneers, the smile widened to give a more glamorous smile, and whitened. It’s an expensive proves but look at Linda’s smile and you can why it’s worth it. For more details on cosmetic procedures go to



*The age of your skin has very little to do with your birthdate. You can be old and have young skin, or young and have prematurely aged skin. The most important thing you can do to your skin is protecting it from sun damage so use a sun protection cream with as SPF30 every day. The skin has an incredible ability to heal itself once you start blocking UVA and UVB rays. Invest in good skin care too

*Your youth fix doesn’t have to come in a bottle—or a needle. Your hairstyle could actually take years off you. Anti-aging tip number one? Mess it up a little and get layers cut into your hair. Number two – like Linda, cut a wispy fringe Number three – keep colour lighter with highlights to frame the face.

*Eyelashes begin to flatten as you age, and you need to keep everything going upward, against gravity. Linda’s lashes are still full and flattering. To get this look I recommend using an eyelash curler and lengthening mascara, which tends to be lighter on the lashes than volumizing formulas.

*A good shaped eyebrow like Linda’s will frame the face and give it structure. Unfortunately, in your 40s, brows start getting sparser. Fill in any gaps with a powder pencil; use a shade lighter than your natural colour (if you’re blonde, go one shade darker),

*Go easy on the makeup. After a certain age less is more Linda’s look is light and natural with nude glossy lips and a slick of eyeliner to define the eyes.

*Drink plenty of water – as we age it helps the body to work efficiently at the most important at this time in our lives. If you do not drink enough water the lymphatic system gets sluggish and we get more water retention, more toxins are stored in our fat layers and cellulite becomes worse.

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