Pretty nearly all of you who follow my posts know that I love reinventing the wheel.

Most of my childhood was spent devising skincare products with my mother, tweaking the recipe to include new ingredients and dropping those which were no longer of use. The habit has stayed with me all my life and I have huge fun creating skincare collections for the clinic. Most of these have been in response to requests from patients who have not been able to find something suitable to help their condition…acne for instance, which has become something of a mission for me. If you need help in this area then check out my Clean Skin Technology Advanced Skincare.

But it’s everyday skincare which really interests me because we all need basics…but basics which actually work and don’t just sit on the top layer of the skin. And I hate heavy creams which feel greasy and which take ages to sink in. I just do not have the time to sit and wait …I want to use a product and for it to get to work immediately, leaving my skin ready to go to the next level. Yes, I am impatient, but so are most women who have to juggle busy lives.

But back to the skincare. I couldn’t find what I wanted so I devised some products which were intended for personal use. I called it my 24/7 Daily Maintenance Regime and at first I had three very simple products..a Cleanser which takes off all makeup, dirt and oil really fast, without drying out my skin, followed by a Serum which I saturated with a cocktail of goodies to plump and condition, finally a lightweight Moisturiser which sinks in the skin really quickly, but which is a powerhouse of anti-ageing ingredients.

Sounds easy you say? Well, yes, up to a point because I do have knowledge of ingredients from over the years, but because this collection was for me, I played around with each one to make sure that it satisfied all MY needs…therefore there was a whole lot of testing on myself until I found exactly the right formulation for me. My poor husband had to endure the sight of me wandering around with several different creams on my face to see which one was absorbed fastest..I even timed the process! His comments and suggestions were valid though and I took them on board.

Finally I was happy with the formulations and my capsule collection was born and my skin has never looked so good. So good that I kept being asked what I was using so I gave some away and now I sell it online and in the Clinic. Should you want to try for yourself then here’s the link .

Now to another bugbear. Body lotions which are not fit for purpose because the skin on our body needs TLC too. Either there are no active ingredients, or it takes far too long to be absorbed because, as I said before, who has the time to hang around? Shower, moisturise, dress and out the door…that’s my life anyway.

So….it was back to being a guinea pig and the result is my Regenerating Body Moisture. Phone 020 7436 4441

It’s super-absorbent, super-moisturising, gently-exfoliating and has as many high-tech ingredients as I could find. It’s great for menopausal skin, and if like me, you are trying to lose some weight, it really helps to smooth and give skin back some ‘springiness’.

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