Is Beauty Stamping the answer to younger skin?

A cult  favourite with  Hollywood  stars, ‘stamping ‘ is the latest US trend to rejuvenate skin and reduce pore size .  The treatment uses a  small exfoliating tool that looks like a stamp, but has a base covered with lots of superfine needles, which is gently stamped over the skin. It’s like micro needling but instead of  using a rolling action, the press and lift action of  stamping the skin  gently removes dead skin cells and improves delivery of skincare products to stimulate collagen and reduce pore size. Actress Olivia Culpo is a huge fan of the device, designed by top Hollywood skincare expert Nurse Jamie, and recently posted a photo on Instagram. We’re also huge fans of any micro needling technique which is a great alternative to laser treatments. The tiny needles create micro trauma to the skin, which helps naturally to stimulate collagen and elastin production resulting in a firmer skin with refined pores. Unlike laser treatment there is hardly any downtime and best results are seen after a weekly course of four treatments . A professional microneedling facial  in the UK using a traditional roller costs around £150 or you can buy Nurse Jamie’s Beauty Stamp (£39) to use at home from
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