Is it time you had a new face?

Is it time you had a new face?
It was once the secret to eternal youth for the rich and famous.
But in the past 20 years, cosmetic surgery has become more affordable and widely available. Now people from all walks of life are opting to have everything from a shot of Botox to a full on facelift.
But is surgey the answer for YOU?
Skin specialist Lesley Reynolds of the Harley Street Skin Clinic has been in the industry for over 20 years and has watched her clientele change.
She said: “We still get celebs and aristocracy but you also get the younger girl who’s saved £250 for a shot of botox or the working mum who is so frazzled she just wants to look human again.
“I had a 92-year-old, wanting her neck done recently. People never stop wanting to look lovely.”
Today, Lesley has 25000 plus patients walking through her doors every year. That’s over 500 a week.
But while attitudes have changed thanks to celebrities and television, cosmetic surgery can still feel like a scary option.
And Lesley says you should think properly before considering any kind of treatment.
“All the products we use are very safe and approved. But I would say that if you’re worried about something, don’t have it done. Or go and talk to someone who is well qualified.
“You want to feel comfortable and confident about whatever you’re having done. Remember, you don’t have to get too much done in one go!
“While the way your skin ages depends on your lifestyle, so whether you smoke, drink, use sunbeds or eat healthy, as well as genetics, there are different treatments to consider at different stages of your life.”
Here’s Lesley’s guide to the treatments you could be considering in your…
Getting old is just a twinkle in your eye in your 20s. But that’s no excuse not to look after your skin.
Many 20-year-olds suffer from tired skin, open pores, spots and early wrinkles.
The average 26-year-old will have already started to spot the signs of ageing. A Visa analysis will look at the skin to see the lines, wrinkles and sun damage underneath. From the image results a skincare programme involving regular exfoliation and sun protection can be put together.
A tiny amount of baby botox can help to stop any mouth lines getting deeper.
While it’s best to wait as long as possible before starting to have botox, very small amounts can help relax the muscle, so that you stop grimacing.
The effects last between three to five months and a shot costs £199.
Studies have shown that if you have Botox like this for seven years you actually stop you forming the lines for good.
Many 20-year-olds may use Botox for the short term, preventive effects.
Lesley says: “Just recently a girl of 24 came into the clinic. Her wedding will be in the sun. She doesn’t want to squint in the photos, so she had a little muscle relaxing injections.  Or for more information call 0207 436 4441
You’ve partied your way through your 20s and now by your mid 30s the signs of ageing are starting to show. On top of that your body is changing and you’re producing different amounts of hormones.
This is when women start to notice a few crows feet around the eyes, lines on the forehead and nose to mouth lines.
A little botox in the forehead and around the crows feet can help here.
In general, botox is used in the top third of face. The effects last about three to five months.
If you’ve not been living a healthy lifestyle, your mid 30s is when you may see the signs of ageing, the cheeks start to lose fat and volume. Small amounts of filler can help with this. The filler will wear off within six to 12 months and costs £350.
Lesley says: “My philosophy is less is more. Don’t overdo it.”
A radiofrequency skin tightening treatment requires no downtime, and there’s no pain. By heating the skin it stimulates the body to produce colagen.
Lesley adds: “In general though, a good skin regime, drinking plenty of water and staying out of the sun is a must in your 30s.” Or for more information call 0207 436 4441
40s – Liquid Facelift

Louisa Gibbons, AGE, WHERE FROM

A busy working mum in her early 40s, Louisa had started to notice her face wasn’t as full as it once was.

“Louisa started to notice her cheeks were disappearing,” says Lesley. “She has a lovely balanced face, by adding some Ellanse to the cheeks and bringing back the volume to them makes her look fresher and instantly softer.”

You’re still busy juggling the kids and work but the lines of ageing are really starting to niggle at your confidence.
You’re not quite old enough to have a face lift – and taking four weeks off to recover isn’t an option.
The best way to restore a youthful glow is a liquid facelift.
Ellanse, a dermal filler is used along with Botox for the liquid facelift.
It is made from smooth polycaprolactane (PCL, a well known and approved soft medical material) microspheres suspended in a water based gel carrier.
Ellanse involves two ingredients; a facial sculpting filler and a collagen stimulator.
Ellanse is all about restoring volume. It’s great at correcting lines on the cheeks, the nose to mouth line and hollow temples.
If you’re very flat cheeked, Ellanse will reduce that teardrop under the eye and put the cheeks back into place.
It’s also great for reducing tiredness under the eyes, which emerges in your 40s.
A liquid facelift takes about 20 minutes to an hour, depending on how many areas you’re having done. You can always start gently, with one syringe and then you can always come back a week later.
Lesley says: “It’s a reliable and predictable product, with immediate effects.”
Very little downtime is required. So you can have a liquid facelift and go back to work the next day and no-one will notice.
The effects of the filler last about six weeks but the added bonus of Ellanse is that it stimulates the body’s own collagen which continues for up to two years.
A liquid facelift starts at £450 and goes up to £750 for the full face. Lesley says: “You’re going to leave with a fresh and youthful look. The best words I hear are when people say ‘no one noticed, they just say I look well’. That’s a success.” Or for more information call 0207 436 4441

50s – Facelift no general anaesthetic

Siobhan was 50 when she looked in the mirror and saw her mother staring back at her and as much as she loved her mum, she didn’t want to look like her just yet.

“Siobhan has lived a really full life but that can end up showing with time,” says Lesley. “She had tried all the skincare she could and, lets face it, no creams give you a facelift. So, for her, the time had come…”

After having the facelift with no general anaesthetic, the bags around Siobhan’s eyes disppeared, her cheeks were put back into place and her whole face was given a lifted, youthful look. “She looks 10 years younger and the effects should last another 10 years,” says Lesley.

The kids have finally left home, the mortgage is paid off, this is your time now. But your face doesn’t match how you feel. 

Now is the time to consider a facelift with no general anaesthetic.

Yes, it’s a serious option. It takes longer, costs more, needs more downtime to recover, but the difference is bigger and it’s longer lasting. If you have a facelift at 50, you can enjoy the benefits right up until you hit 60.

Many people are deterred from having a facelift due to the general anaesthetic but you can now have it done under local.

Lesley says: “It’s close to the traditional idea of a facelift, but the client is awake. It’s better for the patient because there are risks associated with general anaesthetic that a lot of people are uncomfortable with.

“The results are better for it because they’re not lying flat on their back with a tube down their throat. Instead it’s just like going to the dentist.”

The procedure is suited to people with a lot of loose skin. If you pull your skin beside your ear and you’ve got a lot of loose skin there, you might be the right person for a facelift.”

An incision is made along the chin and hairline by the ear. The surgeon will separate the skin from the underlying tissues and reposition them. The muscles and tissues are tightened which pulls back the skin, then any excess is trimmed off.

A neck lift is usually done at the same time.

Lesley says: “There’s no point having a lovely pert face and a saggy neck.”

The four hour operation costs £7,500 and afterwards you are bandaged up and taken home. Two to four weeks later the bandages come off and you can expect to see results that will last five to ten years.

Still, a face and neck lift is still a lot of work.

It’s important to also think about your skin type. Some skin tones, such as black skin, scar badly. So you have to be careful.  Or for more information call 0207 436 4441


60s – Silhouette Soft

When actress Gillian Taylforth no longer felt camera ready, she came to Lesley.

Gillian felt her chin area had start to droop and needed lifting and Lesley knew Silhouette Soft was the perfect option for her.

“I’ve been looking after Gillian’s skin for about 15 years,” she says.

“She has always been excellent at following a good skincare routine. She’s turning 60 this year, has fantastic skin and is a very beautiful woman. Although she has always looked amazing, Gillian felt she would like a little skin tightening under the chin and around the jowls.

“We decided that Silhouette Soft Sutures would be perfect for her as she just needed a gentle lift and didn’t need a surgical facelift.”

Gillian’s Silhouette Soft Sutures will last around 18 months. Lesley says: “They can be redone after this time.  or if the client decided they wanted to have surgery they could.”

You’re in great shape. You’re keeping fit and healthy but there’s a problem. Your face is starting to droop a little. Looking at your face in the mirror you know a lift around the jowl area would make all the difference.

Step forward Silhouette Soft.

The procedure has been hailed as the new Botox. Rather than filling, it lifts the skin into the place where it used to be.

Without cutting or stretching the skin it rejuvenates and lifts facial features with minimal scarring and natural results.

As well as the jowl area, Silhouette Soft works under the chin, the mid face cheek area and brows. It gives you a lifted look.

A thread made of polylactic acid is drawn through the skin after injections of local anaesthetic.

The tiny little stitches of soluble, glycolic cones are inserted deep into the skin to lift it up. They pull up the skin, mid face and brow.

The acid is completely biodegradable and acts on the deeper layers of the skin and naturally stimulates the body so that it produces its own collagen.

While the procedure takes only half an hour, there can be a bit of bruising and puffiness, so you need a two day downtime but it lasts from 18 months to about two years.

It costs from as little as £999 to £1200, so less than a facelift and it is also minimally invasive. Unlike a facelift, Silhouette Soft lifts the skin, not the underlying structure.

Lesley says: “We’ve done about 120 in the last eight weeks. It’s fantastic and easy to do.

“It’s a natural look, which is what surgery should be all about. You want to be the best you can look without going over the top.”     For more information call 0207 436 4441


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