More under 35s are now dabbling in cosmetic treatments including Botox and fillers, but how young is too young?


Michelle Keegan 27

Since quitting Corrie, actress Michelle Keegan has vamped up her style and transformed herself from girl next door into a polished glamour puss, all glowing skin, glossy hair and gleaming Hollywood style smile .Her super white healthy teeth suggest she recently may have undergone a cosmetic whitening treatment. This is still the most requested cosmetic dental service, takes around one and half hours and can last up to two years. Her lips also look fuller and although this can be achieved using plumping lip products, she may have had filler in the top and bottom lip. But Tina has a lovely, natural pout anyway that really doesn’t need any enhancement, especially at her age. Her skin looks naturally flawless and wrinkle free but in your twenties skin should be in peak condition, no pores and blemish free. But what you do now will impact your skin in the future. Late nights, alcohol, bad cleansing habits will show up in your thirties so it’s vital to maintain a good skin care programme. Tina always looks tanned and toned but hopefully she doesn’t overdo the sunbathing and uses a high SPF, even with her Spanish heritage .



Danielle Lloyd   31

Model Danielle Lloyd has admitted she’s always been a fan of cosmetic treatments and has confessed to having facial peels and lip filler. The mum of three has also spoken about her love of Botox, saying: ‘I love it. I get a little bit done every now and again. I used to have a permanent line between my eyebrows which has gone.’   We expect, too she’s also having regular professional facials using medical grade products to keep her complexion bright and youthful Her slightly thicker eyebrows add character to her face so she may have had semi permanent make up and her lips are also fuller, usually achieved with lip fillers. Her face looks more contoured and slightly slimmer now but this is down to good make up rather than anything else. In your 20s and 30s, the face still has an ample amount of natural fullness to it and may start to become more heart-shaped naturally.



Michelle Heaton, 35

Former Liberty X singer Michelle Heaton has never shied away from publicly admitting her use of Botox. She had her first treatment at the age of 28 to get rid of a line in the middle of her brow, which she claimed made her look permanently angry. She stopped when she was pregnant but started having treatment last year to help smooth her skin and eliminate signs of aging. “I felt like I wanted a bit of a perk-me-up – turning 35 does crazy things to you, and well, I wanted Botox.” Michelle recently went public about her decision to have a hysterectomy to reduce her chances of ovarian cancer, two years after she underwent a double mastectomy to prevent breast cancer from developing. Michelle found out in 2012 when she was diagnosed with a mutated BRCA2 gene and was given an 80 per cent chance of developing breast cancer and a 30 per cent chance of inheriting ovarian cancer.  The mum of two is now going through an early menopause and is taking HRT. It’s important she follows a great anti ageing skin routine and even though she is still in early thirties has the right treatments to boost the skin’s collagen and keep it firm.



Ashlee Simpson, 30

Judging from her earlier photo, it’s obvious that the biggest change to Ashlee’s appearance is due to her reported nose job (a rhinoplasty) nine years ago, when her nose was much larger with a hook shape. Although it was never confirmed, it looks like she’s had the bridge straightened, the tip lifted and resized which gives her face much better symmetry. Your facial appearance is greatly influenced by the size and shape of your nose and the  slightest alterations can make a huge difference to your overall look.  Ashlee’s face is also much more slender now, most probably due to weight loss after having her baby, but that line free brow, and tight forehead suggests Botox and those curvy, fuller lips, dermal filler. Her complexion also looks smooth and plump suggesting medical grade facials and a good skin care routine.




No matter how young or beautiful there seems to be a growing number of younger celebrities having work done. But it is not always about age alone, lifestyle is an important decider when having treatments. We’ve seen twenty years olds who have the skin of a forty year old due to smoking, sun damage and an unhealthy diet. Our fast paced lifestyle and constantly using technology may also be to blame for faster growing frown lines, and, expression lines can often be mistaken for moodiness. The most common areas for Botox are the glabella, where the muscles between the eyebrows create the number eleven look. This creates an angry appearance and you don’t have to be old to have those wrinkles, as Danielle and Michelle have admitted.  Some lines are also genetic and can form at a younger age. We also take a lot more holidays now so there is more sun damage presenting itself much earlier. Every day we ‘re telling patients: ‘Please go home and buy some sunblock and use it every day.’ There’s also a real culture of smoking and drinking, particularly among young women, which has a detrimental effect on skin. And finally, stress is speeding up the ageing process.

The latest thinking that, if you hit those wrinkle areas before they actually have time to form, you are literally preventing wrinkling while peels can boost collage and erase sun damage. But it is also vital to follow a healthy lifestyle and have a good skin routine, include the sunscreen on a daily basis.


Most women think they looked their absolute best in their early 30 but this is also the decade when fine lines and crinkling appear around the eyes, cheeks look a little flatter and frown lines on the forehead can become deeper. The skin’s natural collagen and elastin that have kept your skin so supple in your teens and twenties begins to break down and faint expression lines start to form.However, you may feel the best you have ever felt and been the most comfortable with your life.

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