My knees are very wrinkled. Tights help to disguise the lines  but I don’t want to wear these during summer. I’ve tried exercise and creams to no avail.
Try a laser lift. Smartxide Dot Laser treatment can give you a great knee lift by tightening the skin by about 30 per cent and stimulating new collagen. Using a small wand like device, the laser’ s fractional DOT technology is quick and precise.  It works by heating up the dermis, targeting  the wrinkly skin above and around the knees. During treatment the high-energy laser damages the outer layers of the epidermis which flakes away as the skin heals. As the new skin cells develop the skin above the knees will become smoother, firmer and more toned. For best result, most people require three treatments, six weeks apart. From £900. Alternatively, try a chemical peel, which can work wonders for wrinkly, loose skin. One treatment can instantly brighten and tighten  knee skin, but most clinics now prefer to do a course of six to eight lighter weekly peels for longer lasting results. From £60 per peel.
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