Knowledge Is Power! – What you need to know about skin tightening

One of my favourite treatments at the Clinic is Pellevé  a radio-frequency skin-tightening process because it is completely relaxing and painless.  I will often have this if I am going out to an event and really do want my skin to look brighter and plumper.  It works brilliantly around the eyes and just seems to melt dark shadows and fine lines away completely …giving a luminous quality to your skin tone.  And I have just tried it out on my hands and I am really impressed with the results as they look smoother and plumper and this was achieved without any pain at all…in fact it is so relaxing that I almost fell asleep!
The benefits work even after the initial treatment because it boosts your own collagen-production, so it’s a win-win situation.  And did I mention that it’s painless?  I can heartily recommend it…. it costs around £250 a treatment.  
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Plus I have found a neat device which can carry on the good work of collagen-regeneration, toning and tightening…it’s called the DermaWand which uses a radio-frequency which is suitable for home use.  It, too, is painless and relaxing, and when used regularly can keep those pesky fine lines at bay along with improved skin tone and radiance.  Available at and
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