Lesley loves – Tan Cream!

Now this is a clever product!

We all know that we should be wearing sun protection all year round to ward off the damaging effects of solar rays, but how many people actually do it?  Not as many as there should be because the temptation of a suntan still has a siren call.
So what if there was a product which had an SPF50 to protect against burning AND was an instant bronzer to even skin tone, disguise blemishes and age spots AND was a self-tan too?  Would you use it then?  I certain would…and in fact, I am because I have discovered a brilliant new product called Tancream which suits most skin types and is incredibly easy to use.    It was developed by two resourceful ladies, Gillian Robson and Katy Foxcroft, when Gillian was diagnosed with aggressive skin cancer and she was unable to find an effective sun-protectant which also had some colour, because she, like most of us, found that a light tan makes you feel good and look a tad younger.  It became clear that there was nothing on the market so she and Katy set about formulating one…Tancream is the result.
And a great result it is too. I have been using it for a few weeks now and can say that it is easy to use and gives a light, gentle tan…so good in fact that patients ask me why I have been sitting in the sun!  I am stocking it in the Clinic so if you want one, get in touch.  020 7436 4441.  100ml tube costs £39.95
All info onTancream is on their website tancream.co.uk so take a look for yourself,
What clever girls!
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