Lesley Loves the no!no!

What is it with Mother Nature?  All I ever wanted was a full, lustrous head of hair …glossy and swishing around my shoulders…and to be fair, most of the time she supplied it, but healthy hair growth came at a price because body hair grew too, so waxing and shaving became a regular feature of my beauty routine.    I am reasonably lucky because I am blonde (well mostly!) so body hair was fine and controllable, but then along came the menopause  and the game changed because hairs started sprouting in all sorts of different places. My chin for instance.  And my upper lip…mind you mine were not as bad as a friend of mine whose lip hair almost qualified for Movember!
For a while I resorted to plucking the stray hairs, but because the texture of these hairs had become very wiry…yet another joy of the menopause….I found myself on constant whisker alert so when I was sent a nifty little gadget to try I was intrigued.  Could it beat my current hair removal system?
Reader….it does.  It’s the no!no! and I tested it pretty rigorously and it came up trumps.  Really good on facial hair as well as underarms and leg hair….and if you want to whisk off any growth on the arms themselves then this works beautifully too.  It doesn’t all come off in one go though, so be prepared to go over the area a few times until you get the result you want.
It’s easy to use…just plug in and go. Needs a little time for the battery to charge but once it is up and running all you need to do is gently roll the gadget over the area to be treated.  It does make clicking sounds and there will be a slight smell of burning but that is just the Thermicon Technology at work. There was a little warming on the skin but nothing painful at all.   Results were good….so good in fact that I lent it to a dark-haired friend who also reported that it worked well for her.

The no!no! is expensive but if body hair is a problem for you then this is a good alternative to other treatments.  It’s available at boots.com and amazon.co.uk
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