November is usually the month most women breathe a sigh of relief. With the temperature dropping daily,  serious leg and footwear is  required –  preferably opaque tights and a stylish pair of boots , a  combination which can hide a multitude of sins. The problem is  not all of us have the legs for boots and finding a pair that can slide over chunky calves   fit around cankles   or  that won’t give us  boot  bulge can be a challenge. With so much emphasis on our faces and bodies we often forget the area below the knee but our lower legs are just as important . But don’t panic as  shaping up from  knee to toe has never been so easy . Here’s my lowdown on the common problems – and the best’ boot’camp solutionsso you  can zip up in style.



Problem CANKLES  – The circumference of a woman’s ankle is usually around 11 inches but as we age the lower legs thicken, making the ankle less defined. Cankles  can also be caused through being overweight  water retention or down to genetics.

At the clinic: If  excess fat is the problem , a  laser lipo procedure  like Bodytite  will create a more shapelier lower leg .Unlike traditional liposuction, this process is less invasive and  involves inserting a small fibre-optic laser under the skin to break down unwanted fat cells . The knock-on effect of the treatment is an increased production of collagen that leaves skin tighter and results  are permanent . From£2,000

DIY:If your cankles are due to being overweight than going on a healthy diet will help you lose inches all over, including  from your lower legs but this will take time and persistence.

Prevent water retention by  avoiding  excess salt in your diet, keeping  on the move and drink plenty of water. Acupuncture, can  also be highly effective in easing swollen  ankles by stimulating key pressure points and restoring the body’s flow of energy, For a directory of qualified acupuncture practitioners, visit www.medical-acupuncture.co.uk.. To increase muscle defininition in the lower leg area, try regular exercises to build up muscle – balance on a step with your heels slightly off the step, then stand on your tiptoes, hold for ten seconds and release Repeat 20 times a day




Often genetic, but can also be caused by being overweight, excessive exercise or from repeatedly  wearing high heels.

At the clinic: Botox  (botulinum toxin)– can  sometimes be used to minimise large bulky looking calves . Dubbed Bootox , injections are given into the outer  parts of the gastrocnemius muscles ,  reducing muscle contraction so the muscle remains in a relaxed state  making it look smaller. It is essential to see an expert in this procedure to see if you are suitable. Cost from £400.

DIY: If your chunky calves are due to being overweight, a diet will help you lose excess weight all over .Exercises that tone your calves will also help shrink them . Yoga and Pilates  are excellent for stretching calves and reshaping legs. If legs are  constantly  puffy from fluid retention do see a Doctor to rule out health problems. Revitie CX The Original Circulation Booster  £199.99 Boots uses EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) to increase circulation in legs to boost circulation and help reduce swelling .Or try Antistax Leg Massage Gel  which contains Bio-Active Flaven to   offer c relief from  tired and puffy legs.



Some women are  born with very slim calves which can look out of proportion to the rest of their body and be just as problematic as chunky calves, especially when it comes to choose a knee high boot.

At the clinic: Calf Augmentation can be done through fat transfer .Fat is taken from areas like the stomach and hips, prepared in a special machine and then injected to achieve a shapelier  and fuller lower leg. The procedure is carried out using local anaesthetic and takes around 3 hours. The results are permanent and downtime around a week. Compression tights must be worn for two weeks.  Cost from £4,000

DIY Regular exercise can help strengthen and build the calf muscles .  Using weights, squats, lunges and calf raises will help bulk up the legs along with cycling



Boot bulge, when fat which puffs out over the knee when wearing boots and  knee wrinkles known as ninkles – the saggy skin and deep grooves just above the knee – are the result of excessfat and loss of collagen through sun damage, ageing, dehydrated skin and weight loss

At the clinic: Knee lifting using  a combination of  laser and radiofrequency treatments  can reshape  podgy knees and tighten skin.  These procedures  target excess fat pockets while  heating  collagen, causing it to contract and tighten skin over time; one treatment (about £2,000 for both knees) and the effects can last up to two years.  Expect two weeks downtime and results last up to five years.

DIY Treatment Good nutrition, exercise combined with regular exfoliation followed by regular massage with a good body cream will improve skin tone. In an emergency try some Clarins Beauty Flash Balm on crepey knees – it will temporarily smooth and improve the look of your skin. Support tights in a tan tone will also work miracles.

Tightening the muscles above the knees  will also help lift them. Sit at the edge of a chair and extend each leg until it’s parallel to the floor, to boost quadriceps strength. Clarins Contour Body Treatment Oil £39, helps de-puff and drain problem areas, creating a slimmer, more defined result. Try rubbing the oil directly on to skin after bathing and for an extra boost add a few drops to your bath water.



The Botox Boob Job is fast becoming the latest fad to increase your bust. By injecting Botox into the pectorial muscles it claims to give sagging cleavage an instant lift making breasts look higher and firmer. It sounds great and it is if you have very small breasts which need a little perking up but don’t get misled because  Botox cannot do what a surgical breast lift can achieve or give the volume implants will achieve. Most women who have sagging  breasts also have excess skin and Botox will not tackle  that.  However,  tiny injections of Botox  – which we call Sprinkles  – can smooth out crepey lines and rejuvenate the cleavage area. Meanwhile in America a temporary breast enlargement procedure is the current craze. The 24 hour boob job involves having a saline solution injected into the breasts which is absorbed by the body naturally after that time, leaving you, well a little deflated. Personally I think a Wonderbra is a better investment.

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