Ever heard of a ’ninkle’?  Believe it or not, knees get wrinkles too and they happen because as we get older our collagen stores deplete and skin tone slowly goes south.

It’s not all doom and gloom though because developments in the world of cosmetic surgery mean that we now have many choices.  BodyTite  for instance.  It can spot-reduce stubborn fat, and tighten and firm loose skin.  You will notice the difference after one treatment with the best results coming three to six months later.  The results are permanent and prices start round £2000.  You will need to wear support stockings over the area for up to three weeks.

You can also try one of the new generation Chemical Peels.  Acids lift away the dead skin cells and trigger a chain reaction..sending signals to the living cells below to multiply, increase collagen and  boost hyaluronic acid production.  Takes about 20 minutes and one treatment instantly brightens the area..but a course of 6 treatments is longer-lasting.  Cost is around £80 per peel.

But the latest surgical innovation is the No-Knife Knee Lift.  Elasticated threads with little cones are inserted to grab the tissue and encourage the body to produce collagen, so the skin becomes tighter and smoother.  It takes around 45 minutes, under local anaesthetic, and the results are immediate.  You will need to allow for at least a week’s downtime though as there may be swelling or bruising around the injection site.  Cost is around £2000 and the effects last for around 18 months.


My top tips:

  • Exercise is good.  Swimming, cycling and running will help burn fat and tone up the legs.  Squats and lunges add definition to the muscles above the knees for support.
  • Gentle exfoliation and massage with body cream will improve skin tone.
  • Fake tan can instantly make skin look firmer and slimmer.  Go for one which has good moisturising qualities too.  Try St. Tropez Gradual Tan Plus Sculpt and Glow Lotion RRP £18

  • Good nutrition helps long-term skin tone…so watch what you eat!
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