Let’s talk Retinol.

There are a lot of ladies out there who avoid Retinol, mainly because they have heard horror stories of peeling skin and huge amounts of downtime whilst the skin recovers.  That can be true…especially if the person concerned has had a professional peel to address a particular skin problem, so the thought of using Retinol at home fills them with horror.

It certainly did with a friend of mine who was adamant that because she was ‘Over 40’ (plus some more actually!) that her skin was delicate and she didn’t want to use a powerful product which might cause her problems.  What she did want though was hydration…and despite my constant reassurance that Retinol was the answer, I couldn’t change her mind even after saying that Retinol (a form of Vitamin A) worked by encouraging skin cells to turn over faster, revealing fresher, younger skin.

However, I discovered that Olay had just brought out a brand new product containing a proprietary blend of B3 and Retinol Complex which has been formulated for daily use.  They said that it was completely different to other retinol formulations and would help brighten skin, smooth fine lines. improve dark spots and in general even skin tone.  Oh, and it delivers 24 hours hydration.

So, who to test out these claims?  Step forward my Over 40!  It took a bit of persuasion but in the end I won.

She came back to me a week later to say that she was amazed.  She had used it every night on pre-cleansed skin, and, despite her fears, the product did not cause massive redness or peeling…she said after 4 days she woke up to find that her skin looked so much better.  Plumper, smoother and her dark spots appeared to be fading.  She was thrilled….and hooked.

‘“Told you so”. I said, smugly!      “Now remember to protect your new skin by wearing a good sun protection product every day”!

So, what was this wonderful product?  Olay Regenerist Retinol24 Night Face Moisturiser is the name.  It costs an astounding £17.49 for a 50ml pot and is available from Boots.com.  There’s also a Serum and an Eye Cream too if you are interested both at an equally astounding £17.49.

Add it to your nighttime  regime….your skin will thank you.

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