Lip, Lip Hooray!

Hand up those who want luscious-looking lips, but without going the full Kardashian? Well that will be me for a start because, whilst we know that pillowy lips tend to be more youthful-looking, they can look completely out of place on an older person…so balance is always the keyword.  Having said that, there is nothing wrong with giving Mother Nature a helping hand!

Yes, a little filler here and there can work wonders, but if you don’t want to go down that route consider a moisturiser!  I know the power of a good moisturiser and when women come to me saying that their lips are thinning and would some filler solve the problem, I can see that in many cases what is actually ageing them is lack of hydration.  The lip area is much thinner and doesn’t have oil glands, hence the curse of chapped lips in the winter.  And don’t even think of simply licking your lips..that will only make the symptoms worse!

Ladies your lips need hydrating.  Something which will protect, hydrate and thus volumise them, making them more youthful-looking.  I will often use a rich eye cream as long as it is not formulated as a ‘firming’ cream (that is code for drying) but I have recently been trying Hydraluron+ Volumising Lip Treatment by Indeed Laboratories as it has a series of patented formulas including ingredients which are designed to hydrate, soothe, nourish, volumise, plump and treat lips.  All packed in a cute pink tube.

So, does it work?  Well, I liked it.  It’s not sticky and when used at night it does tend to stay put so that you wake up with softer more moisturised lips.  I did try it during the day too, but found that it made my lipstick a tad too ‘glossy’ for my liking…but if you like a good, high gloss then this could be for you.  I am happy to keep it as a treatment…and one which does the trick nicely.


Hydraluron+ Volumising Lip Treatment costs £14.99 and is available at

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