My husband is looking at me sternly and rolling his eyes because he has heard all the excuses before….but I have made my mind up….today I am going to do something about losing weight for good!


How did this happen? One minute I was slim and full of beans… and when I next looked, there was – this beached whale. Aaarghhh!

I definitely blame the menopause, because in my early 50’s I started to lose my waist, feel very lethargic and was a little down with life in general. Until then, my weight had never been a problem. I was a healthy 8st 12b and mostly stayed around that… 9st 4lbs was my heaviest and I could lose 4-6lbs relatively easily over a couple of weeks.

Then the weight just started to pile on, and before I knew where I was I weighed 12sts.2lbs. And however much I tried, I just could not shift it.

It was excruciating to even think about weighing myself.  I’ve avoided it for several years, but I know I am going to have to do something as even walking up the stairs makes me breathless, getting into a London black cab is an ordeal, hauling myself out of the bath is not possible, so my once longed-for soaking in bubbles is a thing of the past as I opt for easy walk-in showers. Probably worst of all is my work, as at the end of the day it is about glamour and looking good!

I certainly don’t look good.

I can’t bear to see myself naked and keep locking the bathroom door to avoid my husband walking in…. quite frankly, I hate myself.

Plus, I have a beach holiday in Mexico coming up. Who booked this? Why did I agree when I know that I am not going to put a swimsuit on or go in the pool?  I‘ve managed to avoid beach holidays for nearly ten years so which masochistic part of me agreed to this?

Today I am going to research the very best way to lose weight and keep it off because I have no intention of going through this again…..watch this space!

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