Losing It! Week 11

All back to normal, still calmer and thank goodness my weight loss has resumed!

I upped my exercise regime which help to kick the endorphins in so I feel a whole lot better.


Single Leg, Leg Raises – Targeting to strengthen abdominals and mobilize hip flexors and hamstrings. Perform lying flat on floor, one knee to be flexed with foot flat on floor. Other leg lying flat ready to be raised as high as you can, feel stretch in the back of the leg (hamstrings) and slowly lower back to the floor.


Chair Squat – Good way to start to learn the movement pattern of an actual squat. Working mainly the muscles within your legs (Hamstrings, Quadriceps, and Glutes). The chair brings an element of safety to the exercise, so you do not fall over to begin with. Start with your feet slightly wider than hip width with your toes pointing slightly outwards (this should avoid knees caving inwards). Engage your abdominals, look straight ahead throughout the movement, inhale, push your hips back and bend your knees to lower into a squat until touching the chair. Keep your body weight on your heels, when ready exhale, push through heels and come back up to starting position.


Plus I have been eating a lot more salad…particularly Angela’s Rainbow Salad


Superfood rainbow salad


At least 5 different coloured ingredients such as beetroot, lettuce, spring onion, cucumber or any raw vegetables.


Add sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, sprouting seeds, for added nutrients and dress with a little Walnut, Avocado or Toasted Sesame Seed oil to taste.


And to avoid the mid-afternoon sugar dip I have been trying out a mini-snack washed down with a green juice…


Mid afternoon juice – Green Herbal Cleanser

Large handful of parsley 2 green apples
2 sticks of celery
1/2 cucumber

Juice and drink immediately.


Mid afternoon mini snack – nut butter on a gluten-free oatcake or hummus and beetroot on a corn or quinoa cracker.


My weight is now 11 stone!

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