My son’s wedding is looming so I have finally bitten the bullet and gone shopping. There are some terrific clothes out there, particularly when you have dropped a couple of dress sizes and everything fits!

I wasn’t particularly happy with my arms though so I have doubled my efforts with exercise

Floor Press – Upper body exercise that strengthens the chest, shoulders and arms. The use of the floor eliminates the risk of potential strain of the shoulder joint. Grab two dumbbells and lie flat on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on floor. Have your elbows bent in a 90-degree position with the back of your arms (triceps) resting on the floor, dumbbells above your chest. Whilst exhaling and bracing your core, press the dumbbell upwards. Pause and squeeze or a second and then in a controlled motion, bring them back down to the staring position.

My weight is now down to 10 stone 8 lbs which feels rather good. Am v pleased with myself…as Bridget Jones would say!

I am feeling rather pale though and would like to get a bit of my glow back. The best way is a light suntan as it does cover a multitude of sins, but because I know how bad the sun is for the skin that is clearly out of the question, so I take the Faking It option.

Mind you, fake tans are so darned good these days that it really is difficult to tell fake from real. I did a bit of research and tested out a new one… TanCream tancream.co.uk which is not just a fake tan, but one with an SPF too, which, as all my regular readers will know is something I recommend everyone wears 24/7. In this instance, the SPF is 50 so it more than does the trick. The colour is pretty good too and I get a lot of compliments about how well I look. Job done I think.

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