Weight down to 10 stone 6lbs.

So, just a couple of pounds down, which I am rather irritated about, but as my husband points out, I have done really well so far, and it is far better to lose weight slowly as it has a much better chance of staying off.

I think I have managed to cure my sugar cravings too…mind you that bit was incredibly hard as the temptation to take just one biscuit, or a small teaspoon of sugar in my coffee took a lot of resisting. I did have help though because my husband usually makes me a cup of coffee in the mornings …just to kickstart me…and he sneakily kept reducing the amount of sugar, until one morning, he asked how the coffee was. “Lovely”…I replied vaguely…..”Good” he crowed…”there was NO sugar in that!”. I didn’t know whether to swat him or kiss him…think I did both.

It doesn’t mean that I completely go without a sugary treat though as long it is just a small one, and just occasionally. “A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.” is my mantra.

Exercise is going well too as Despina is as despotic as ever, but it is working. My arms are more toned, and I can Plank for longer than I ever thought possible so my core stability has vastly improved and this shows in my much-flatter tum.

In fact, I think I am in love with the Plank…if you only do one thing then it should be the Plank…all of us should do a few every day then posture in general, and the core would be strong.

Finally, I think I can see a waist now…who would have thought that when I started this new programme??

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