Well, it has been a whole three months and I am rather proud of myself. My weight is now 10 stone 2lbs so I have lost 2 stone …

I am sleeping better and the hot sweats have stopped.

One of the best things for me was being able to wear a fabulous dress for my son’s wedding and feeling really good. Before I was dreading the thought of clothes shopping.

The inflammation in my big toes has subsided and I can wear higher heels, something I thought I would never do again, I’m not taking the strong anti-inflammatories any more and it’s like being released. I can walk for miles now and wear fashionable shoes again.

Because I have rebuilt my Adrenal system I don’t feel anxious all the time….I’m relaxed and happy.

Best of all is the way I have completely changed what I eat, as well as my approach to food. As I have mentioned before, I do/did have a very sweet tooth and this addiction to refined carbohydrates was a big part of my health and weight problems. By cutting them out as much as possible, or looking for alternatives before simply reaching for the same old treats has made a huge difference …both inside and out.

I trained myself to think of the foods that I can’t digest well as poison and by reminding myself of this each time it makes me stop and think……and choose something else.

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