Losing it! Week 2

Week One was the equivalent of going to Alcoholics Anonymous and standing up to admit the problem. I have now admitted it and feel rather relieved.


Once the euphoria of accepting that I had a problem wore off (resisting a biscuit on the way!) I had to sit down and work out where to go next.

There are lots of diets/books/regimes out there and I think I have tried them all.

Cabbage soup diet..tick.
Paleo…tick. 5/2…tick.
Plus most of the other weird and wonderful ideas from around the world. Nothing worked. Yes, I have lost a few pounds but the weight crept back on once I returned to normal. I need to find another answer…a permanent one.

First port of call was my husband Aamer, who, being the kind man that he is, has never ever mentioned my weight gain to me.

My question was… Why does ageing make you fat?

My husband is a GP, as well as a cosmetic doctor, so he has a wealth of knowledge at his fingertips. He was intrigued by my symptoms and said he would research the ageing process in general, plus find out why different cultures aged differently and get back to me.

A couple of days passed and he proposed DNA testing, telomere testing and other tests to find out how you age and what could stop it, reverse it or at least stabilise it.

The science started to make sense and I can’t wait to have the tests.

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