Losing It! – Week 3

I met Angela Beecroft.

Never heard of her? Well, we should all have her on speed-dial because she is the queen of the microbiome. Balancing the gut is her speciality and it is fair to say that she is balancing mine!

I went in the door complaining about bloating, wind, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, hot flushes, history of fibroids, weight gain, stress , joint pain, occasional episodes of gout and brain fog in general.

I came out with the diagnosis that my gut issues were likely to be caused by an imbalance of the microbiome (which is the 2 kilos of bacteria that inhabit the gastrointestinal tract)

To put it simply the microbiome is now thought to “run the show” basically the ecosystem of beneficial bacteria constantly communicate with the immune system, the brain (producing a huge amount of brain chemicals) and assist with the detoxification of hormones in the gut. So having a gut in great shape and a gut wall which is healthy leads to good health.

Angela told me “ I suspected that stress and long term prescribed medication had destroyed much of your good bacteria which had allowed the opportunistic growth of pathogenic bacteria and yeast.   The job of the beneficial bacteria is to inhibit the growth of bugs which we all encounter on a daily basis in every mouthful of food.   Most of the potentially harmful bugs are destroyed by the stomach acid, but a hardy few make it through, then the beneficial bacterial inhibit the growth of the pathogens and yeast, too little beneficial bacteria can’t inhibit the colonisation of harmful bacteria and the opportunistic growth of yeast so that’s how a major imbalance occurs. It’s a vicious circle.”

I was being bugged!
As soon as too many bugs have grown in the gut then symptoms such as wind and bloating occur as the bugs generate lots of toxic gasses which may also cause fatigue, brain fog, scrambled brain chemistry which in some people can lead to anxiety and low mood. Some of the toxins actually affect the liver detoxification pathways causing an individual to be extremely fatigued.

All my symptoms.

The bugs then damage the delicate gut wall by burrowing through allowing food proteins and pathogens into the blood stream, this as you can imagine causes the immune system to go onto red alert causing inflammation anywhere the individual is genetically programmed for such as joint pain, skin issues etc.

Yup..me again!

Angela explained that the imbalance in my gut was likely to be causing my abdominal discomfort, wind & bloating & fatigue because

there is an enzyme in the liver which is responsible for the detoxification of hormones.   In many individuals this enzyme malfunctions which over stimulates hormone tissue, leading to high oestrogen levels.   High oestrogen levels are responsible for fibroids, weight gain, hot flushes and the debilitating symptoms of the menopause….she suspected that I had issues with high oestrogen levels and low progesterone levels.

This problem is magnified by high stress levels as Cortisol the stress hormone, steals the DHEA which is the building blocks for hormone production during the menopause. This leads further to low progesterone levels leading to more unpleasant menopausal symptoms.

Angela organised blood tests, urine tests, stool tests (stop pulling a face…this is good for diagnostics!) and a saliva DNA test …all painless and quick.

Now to wait for the results.

And if you want to try Angela for yourself her details are:

01748 829860


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