Losing it! Week 4

Week Four

Back to Angela to get the results of the tests and it seems that my gut is shot to hell. Well that is how it sounded when she ran through the (very long) list of problems.

The blood tests showed I was quite healthy, a little arthritis, the urine and stool tests said I was fine, but the saliva DNA test showed I was a candidate for high blood pressure and a heart attack…not such good news!

I also needed more of some vitamins and minerals than other people and that I needed to eat 500 calories less a day than the average for my height and weight.  I had an intolerance to lactose, gluten and couldn’t digest carbohydrates very well.

Another saliva test also showed my cortisol levels were very high, , hence I have a ‘fat pack’ under my breasts and on my upper abdomen.

But the good thing was I didn’t have the ‘fat gene’, so actually by adjusting my diet, exercise and food intake I could lose weight, but most importantly, have a better standard of life.

Best if let Angela explain:


“I suggested that Lesley cut out dairy as this is known to influence oestrogen levels, as well as Gluten which can damage the gut wall, and finally to remove yeast from her diet.

I designed a dietary program for her which excludes all these.

I proposed a special anti-microbial supplement which starts the job of killing the bad bugs in the gut. We also started the job of replacing the beneficial bacteria with lactobacillus GG at bedtime . Both of these cannot be bought over the counter…they are on prescription only.

She also took a specialist compound which helps to send the spent oestrogens down the correct pathway in the liver, to help the detoxification of oestrogen. Again this is prescription only.

And because her hormones needed to be balanced I suggested that Lesley ate brassicas every day…things like broccoli for instance, plus she began taking Flax Seed Meal as it is Gluten-free, low carb and has more fibre, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids than most grains.

Lesley’s cortisol levels were off the scale too…not surprising when you consider the day-to-day workload so, to combat her stress and possible adrenal fatigue, she began taking a supplement to support her adrenals.

She also took Beta TCP to stimulate the flow and aid detoxification…with the added benefit that this also helps to remove excess Uric Acid which is responsible for episodes of gout! “

So…I cleared out the fridge.   Was ruthless!

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