Losing it! Week 6

Week Six

My husband rather tactfully suggested that I might look at incorporating a little gentle exercise into my brand new routine! He , of course, is an avid gym-goer, and boy does it show. He is really trim and has bags of energy, unlike me.

So, once I stop bristling I start to consider the idea. Going to a gym is not going to happen…not with my work schedule…but the thought of a personal trainer could work, after all, if it’s good enough for Gwynnie…..!

However, as I don’t have her on speed-dial, I ask a girl friend who is in good shape too….she recommends Despina Pilides, (07957 604745 turnbacktimefit@gmail.com) who has an iron-fist-in-a-velvet-glove approach to exercise and fitness ie she is gentle and relaxed, but gives you a good workout despite yourself! Plus she will come to your home which is a bonus for me.

She sounds perfect, so I get in touch and set up the first session.

Despina arrives at the crack of dawn..well 6.30am…and immediately gets to work. After a thorough assessment of my problems she says that she wants to sort out my mobility first. It seems that all that sitting at a desk, working on the computer is taking its toll on my shoulders and hips which seem to have set – concrete-like – into a form of the Sphinx!

These are really gentle exercises, but boy do they work and actually it is quite nice to feel as though I have achieved something. If you have the same problem this is the exercise she gave me:

Shoulder and Spine Rotations – Helps to give more mobility to the shoulder, scapula and thoracic (middle) section of the spine. Start by lying on your side on the floor. Position yourself with your top leg bent at a 90-dgree angle and resting on top of a foam roller (or cushion) to keep your pelvis neutral. Bottom arm lying flat on the floor out in front of you, with the other arm resting on top. With the top arm staring rotating the arm around above your head trying to keep your hand to the floor. Once you hit a point where it becomes difficult, hold it there until you feel you can carry on with the rotation. Once you get to your limit, take a deep breath and slowly bring the arm around to the starting position.

Band Windmills – This will help to open the chest and shoulders, while also rotating and strengthening and mobilizing your scapular. Holding a long band with each side in each hand. Stand up straight, keeping your core braced and glutes tight. Lift your arms in a rotational movement, keeping your arms as straight as possible throughout until you reach your sticking point. Once there hold for a second or two to feel the stretch and then slowly come back around keeping the arms straight still.

I feel incredibly virtuous at having a nutrition and exercise programme now that it is tempting to celebrate with a biscuit.

Reader….I resist!

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