Lucy Speed – Guest Blogger on Acne!

Hello everyone,

I have asked Lucy Speed to be a guest blogger as she has suffered with Acne and has first hand advice for you all.

Lucy is also helping me with the drop-in clinics at 48 Harley Street. The first one is taking place on 20th November, 11:30am – 1:30pm, everybody is welcome!

Lesley Reynolds x


Deciding to write a blog is not as easy as it sounded. I’ve long shared with people my experience with my skin, in my case a spotty story and long received a grateful response from those suffering in what they thought was a lone path.. ( on the contrary it is one that eighty odd percent of us between the ages of 12 and in my experience 70, endlessly trudge) 
The statistics and my own tiresome pursuit of cures that promised to give me the finite answers to end my quest then led me on a fruitless but expensive wild goose chase, led me to sharing with anyone who would listen the benefit of my experience so far. 
The reason starting wasn’t easy was simply that I didn’t know where to start or how indeed I wanted the reader to feel about it. Did I want them to see me as knowledgable? Maybe slightly, I like to think I’ve learnt something but mainly I’m always being educated so that was out. 
Did I want the reader to feel relieved that they weren’t alone in their skin problems? Most definitely yes because my story was one that I felt initially embarrassed by and then alone with. After all the doctor is dealing with all sorts of serious ailments and I could quite understand that a few spots ranked low on the scale of world wide suffering and heartache to him. This meant that the day after day, then year after year, that I woke and the first thing I did was check my face for new pain, a new throbbing lump that I would have to spend hours attacking, prodding and disguising to no avail, and spending every minute of the day guessing if someone had noticed me or the second head that had arrived, was my problem. Mine alone and one that no one, including myself, really wanted to discuss. If asked about it I could be sullen and evasive. Not the best persona for an actress who’s very living relied in essence on being a huge show off ! 
Although I’ve since witnessed studies that show that the appearance of our skin is far more important than personal vanity. It is integral, as I suspected and feared, to how we feel about ourselves and how the world views us and our ability to achieve. The study was supremely interesting and carried out by a psychologist dermatologist ( I’d never heard of one either,) this lady felt it was absolutely important to mental health and to prospects for the future of sufferers. 
This all coincided with me finding a simple solution that with careful and constant monitoring did eventually effectively end my skin angst. The solution for me was finally sharing with a colleague my concerns who kindly shared with me her secret. which was simple really..going to an expert. Instead of spending thousands on useless self professed ‘miracle cures’, I was guided to a skin expert who taught me everything I needed to know about how my skin works ( which I would say is THE most important weapon in this battle) and also applied the cutting edge treatments and products to my weary skin,and even more battle worn ego. 
This is the time I met the Khans and the time I decided I would talk about skin until I was blue in the face if it saved others the wasted years I had as a rat in the chorus of the pied piper of skin misery!! They sympathetic knowledgable and more importantly as keen as I to educate and help people that were suffering unnecessarily. As well of years of experience they were parents who had seen their own children cope with skin issues and they felt emotionally attached too. Meeting them was my true luck moment .
I have now long worked with( talking with people and magazines about acne and skin issues and doing clinics at Harley street) and been treated by the Khans and I have concluded that this blog is really just to share…to tell all that might need to leave the skin ISSUE behind forever a place to purge themselves and perhaps even to share too. I will tell you all my ups and downs and how I battle my ever evolving skin, after all its a living organ and it’s not simple but I can OWN and actually love it! Although as an example now I’ve got my spots under control it has moved the goal posts to aging! The point is sharing with Lesley and Aamer Kahn gave away my problem. They took it, striped away the layers of angst and dealt with the core issues. They say knowledge is key and it’s no different here. It was no longer my main concern. It was something I conquered easily and affordably which was another great concern. 
So here I am , or rather we are ….I didn’t find people telling me they were cured helpful myself, I just felt I was the only one nothing would work on…well that’s not true, so sharing my story and it’s up and downs will prove it and I sincerely hope help a few others swap this worry for something actually worth worrying about…
See you next week 
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