Lunchtime Facelift – THE FACTS

There has been some conflict in the industry recently regarding the use of the words Lunchtime Lift, with some practitioners decrying the use of the term…saying it is misleading and ignores the trauma and recovery time the procedure involves.

Let’s be clear.. any form of surgery, whether it be minimally-invasive, or going fully under the knife should only be undertaken by a fully qualified cosmetic doctor or cosmetic surgeon who has a track record in such procedures.. and one who really understands the skeletal muscle structure of the face, because it does risk possible bleeding and bruising and which willrequire recovery time.

Our most popular treatment at the moment is The Silhouette Soft Lift, which is so quick that it can be completed in 30 minutes..hence the tag  ‘The Lunchtime Lift’.

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However this does not mean to say that we advise the patient to treat this procedure in the same way as just nipping into their local delicatessen for a sandwich, because whilst the Silhouette Soft Lift (which was developed in the U.S and uses unique re-absorbable surgical thread and ‘cones’ to lift the subcutaneous tissue and stimulate collagen) is minimally-invasive, virtually painless and the results are instant, we always advise caution, and suggest the patient allows 2-5 days to recover…so no saunas, no contact sport and no dental surgery for instance.  Plus we advise that he/she sleep on their back for 5 nights too…and that seems to be the hardest part for them.  However, that’s actually the best position to eliminate facial wrinkles anyway!

That being said the majority of  patients have no visible side effects whatsoever and do find that they can simply go back to work easily with no ill-effect…but it is always best to err on the side of caution.

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