Nowadays, a simple cleanse, tone and moisturise routine no longer quite cuts it. Because, the latest skin care trend involves doubling up – think double cleansing, double serums and the latest step, double masking.  Last year British women splashed out on almost a £1bilion on skin care product so is doubling up a cynical ploy to make us splash out even more or is there more to it than meets the eye? Here’s our advice

Double cleansing

The double cleansing phenomenon  – which actually involves using cleansing oil in tandem with a water-based/foam or a creamy face wash – first originated in Japan or Korea. But do you really need to cleanse your face twice? In a nutshell, yes especially if you wear make up every day and you live or commute in a city. Thorough cleansing is the cornerstone of good skin care and the double cleansing method actually makes a lot of common sense as it promotes healthy, balanced skin. The first step gets rids of make up and product build up removing dirt, dead skin cells and make-up, that accumulates during the day while the second step deep cleanses and nourishes and prepares your skin so it can make the most of your anti ageing serums and moisturisers. If your skin isn’t totally clean then it stops anything you apply next from absorbing In fact a recent study showed that women who cleansed their skin properly saw results from an anti-ageing product twice as fast as those who didn’t, while a similar analysis by Olay found that 30 per cent more anti-ageing product was absorbed into the skin when it was cleansed properly compared to when it wasn’t. Tapping into this trend, oily cleansers targeted at all skin types are cropping up everywhere and they are ideal for removing make up and sebum and most are  also gentle enough for use around the eyes.   A foaming, creamy or water based cleanser used in step two  will tackle sweat and pollution and any residue that’s left over from step one. So how do you double cleanse? First, smooth an oily cleanser onto dry skin gently massaging it gently all over face and around eyes. Remove with a warm damp facecloth. Next work your usual milky or foamy cleanser into the skin for around a minute and rinse off.  You can also use your cleansing brush for this second step which will help drive the product deeper into the pores. If your skin needs it do this morning and night or at least once a day,  before bed.


* Super Facialist Rose-Hydrate Miracle Makeover Facial Oil  (£14.99) good for all skin types and can be used to pre-cleanse Use a hot flannel to completely remove the Miracle Makeover Facial Oil, then follow with the Rose-Hydrate Calming Creamy Cleanser (£7.99,) a gentle glycerin based cleanser enriched with Cocoa and Shea butters along with Pro-vitamin B5 and a blend of natural Carnuba and Candalilla waxes. The waxes breakdown impurities and remove make-up from delicate skin without leaving it tight or dry.

Double Serums

Another new step for skincare involves using a booster serum immediately after cleansing and before applying your usual serum or moisturiser   to make other skin care products more effective . But a word of caution  – do you really  need another double layer? We’re not convinced especially if your usual serum or moisturiser is already well formulated and is doing its job .  Too many active ingredients used at once can sometimes do more harm than good and mixing certain ingredients could  cause a reaction or breakouts especially if you have sensitive skin or suffer from a skin condition like acne or rosacea.  If you do want to try a booster step in your skincare routine our advice is to read labels thoroughly to check ingredients. It’s all about knowing what’s right for your skin type and what is not.  Clever ingredient selection can often address a number of skin issues so do seek expert advice if you are unsure.


Time Delay Skin Treatments Radiance Booster, (£

Use after cleansing, and before moisturising infused with light-diffusing particles and hyaluronic acid to boost luminosity and to firm up skin


Double Masks

The latest buzzword in skin care is double masking – using two (or more) masks simultaneously for different zones of the face or consecutively depending on what your skin needs. Professional facialists have been doubling up on masks for years but now the trend has moved out of the treatment room and into the high street. And it makes perfect sense as it can make sure all areas of your skin are getting the proper nutrients. It’s a common mistake for people to use the same mask all over the face  but applying different types of masks can treat different areas of the skin. For instance your cheek area may need a moisture hit while your T zone may need a detox. Mask layering is also good if your first exfoliating mask has left your skin slightly flushed – following it with a cooling, hydrating mask will feed the skin what it needs. Most skin care brands have launched a range of masks designed to address difference skincare problems so if you want to double mask try a combination like a detox mask followed by or used with a moisturising mask once or twice a week  – apply the appropriate mask to the specific areas of the face you are treating and leave for around 15 minutes.  Rinse and then moisturise.


Decleor’s Intensive Hydra Nourishing Duo Mask (£ First apply a hydrating gel mask which cools the skin and tightens pores. After five minutes add the next step, a rich cream, packed with cranberry and argon oils, on top of the gel and leave for ten minutes or until most of it is absorbed. . Then blot off the mask with a tissue.



Combination therapy – having  two or more treatments that compliment each other at the same time  – can deliver superior  results. For instance  Botox can smooth fine lines or wrinkles, but   when paired with a peel  this dynamic duo will  also transform the skin’s texture. Similarly, dermal  fillers can boost volume  but paired with a laser facial can  improve luminosity and treat pigmentation. We call these treatments Power Couples  and the best  two step combinations can include high tech radio frequency devices to boost  collagen, dermarollers to improve texture and combination faces and  be prescribed specifically to suit your skin’s needs and budget. For more information call 0207 436 4441

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