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Getting ready for Christmas… I started about three months ago. Ordering kids presents on the Internet, being frugal taking advantage of early discounts then spending far too much as I was smug at being organised far too early, adding to the obscene amount of useless rubbish we buy for each other. Not to mention food. The mountain of food we felt we needed to stockpile in order to baton down the hatches in case of an attack of chocolate eating storm troupers,  with family and friends and watch Star Wars endlessly and then play never ending games of monopoly that inevitably get abandoned. Then there is the booze, oh my poor liver! I can’t help feeling yoda would shrink at trying to rejuvenate that. 

It all starts to show on my face, the over eating, the over drinking and then the worry that come January you must face the bill for it all, long after the last sherry has been quaffed and last laugh has been swallowed. I already look done in ,the body trollers would have a field day with me and we have got New Year’s Eve to go yet. My skin is like a book of my Christmas or rather a much fingered old magazine ready to throw on the much loved oh so Christmassy open fire . The false heat takes its toll there too remember. I need a pick me up quick and this time I need to use ‘The Force’.  

New year we are set to see friends that we’ve not seen for a while and I don’t want them to be too shocked or imagine I’m on a slippery slope to old age and the drunk tank. So I call the nutritionist at Harley street 180, sending R2D2 with a message In the style of Leia “help be OB Wan nutritionist , you’re my only hope”.

His advice is thankfully swift and gives me hope that at least by the time I’ve got to do the school run the other mums will imagine I was the picture of reserve and abstinence. Disguising the truth is an old Jedi mind trick.

He advises lots of effervescent ,Vit c and Magnesium and water steeped in lemon juice to cleanse the system , to help alkalise the blood and give the amazing liver support to perform its miracle in the galactic minefield of my system. He also prescribes plenty of veg and rather surprisingly hearty breakfasts of bacon, eggs, avocado.  Assuring me some of the fats in the shape of nuts,cream and butter I’ve eaten, are good fats and if I can just avoid sugar *slides 7millionth quality street behind back*, I will feel more energetic than a droid fresh from an oil bath. 

Lesley slips me a few home skin brightening tips to use along side my hard working products including advising that the Coconut Oil their nutritionist recommends to add to food, is also a great face, hair and cuticle mask .. Frugality in abundance there, a one pot cure all,should help with the January stresses.

Would you believe it’s worked! I feel entirely different, or at the very least half way there, revived almost as if I’ve gone from the the Vll episode all the way back to the lll.

Once again trusting in the experts to bring light and draw me away from the dark side saves the day. …

Maybe just one last dance with Darth on New Year’s Eve and then I promise I will join the resistance for good. 

Best wishes all for 2016 and a fresh start…may the force be with you!

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