Weight gain, and tummy bulge are all unavoidable factors of motherhood but unfortunately we’re seeing many new mums who are totally unprepared for how much their body will change. And because they see celebrities snap back in shape after a couple of weeks they put huge pressure on themselves to do the same and get depressed when it doesn’t happen.

As much as every new mum wants to back in her regular skinny jeans immediately after giving birth, it’s unrealistic. Many new mums can still look six months pregnant weeks after giving birth and this is totally normal. One of the most common post pregnancy complaints is a soft flabby belly which can be due to overstretched abdominal muscles. As the abdomen expands the two vertical muscles can separate and the tough tissue between the muscles called the fascia stretches.

You can strengthen the muscle with exercise but sometimes surgery is the only option. But it’s vital not to jump into this.

First if  you are nursing it’s best to lose baby weight slowly and steadily and not to start any exercise programme until at least six weeks after giving birth. As for surgery, new mums should wait until at lease six months before even considering it to give their bodies and hormones a chance to return to normal And if you are considering having more children you shouldn’t undertake any abdominal surgery until after you’ve had your family. Abdominal surgery especially when its combined with another procedure like a breast lift has an uncomfortable recovery and includes limitations as to what you can lift.

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