My Favourite Innovative Treatments

The world of cosmetic surgery is constantly researching innovative treatments and procedures and here are a couple of my favourites from the new ones on offer.

Facial stem cell rejuvenation.  Stem cells are a hot topic and the future of anti-ageing.  They are the body’s cellular building blocks and have amazing regenerative potential.  Facial stem cell rejuvenation involves harvesting stem cells from the patient’s own fat and these are then injected into the skin to restore volume and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  From £6000.

B-Lite Breast Implants.  2017 saw the launch of the world’s lightest breast implants.  They are made from a gel that contains microspheres, making them a third lighter than traditional silicone implants.

Larger traditional implants are often heavy which can put a strain on the back, causing sagging, poor posture and pain.

Breast augmentation with B-Lite implants costs from £6000 but results last significantly longer than the standard 8-10 years.  Visit for more details.

Remember though, it is important to do your homework and find a practitioner who has plenty of experience in the procedure you are interested in.  They should be able to show you a certificate from a training body to prove that they are qualified in that treatment.

The General Medical Council has a leaflet outlining what you need to know before undergoing any cosmetic procedure.  Visit for more details.

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