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We are so busy trying to prevent wrinkles on our face; we sometimes forget that the signs of aging might also be creeping up on our neck.

Singer Elaine Paige, 67 admitted last week that she is considering surgery to correct a condition she has dubbed ‘singer’s neck’ or being overdeveloped under the chin.  She says: “ If I catch a shot of myself singing with my mouth open, it ‘s not a pretty sight.

The dreaded drooping jawline is a common problem for most women. – It’s just one of those areas where fat and loose skin likes to find a home, caused mainly through gravity and a loss of collagen. Everyone gets it but smokers, sun worshippers and dieters will be hit the hardest.

Tech neck is another condition which may cause your neck to age more quickly especially for the IPhone generation. Constantly staring down at Smartphones and laptops shortens the neck muscles, and increases the gravitational pull on the jowl area, causing a turkey-like neck, with deep lines appearing around the neck and lower chin.

The neck is often overlooked but it’s one of the first areas to show your age. From gaining unwanted weight to lax muscles and excess skin, a multitude of factors can contribute to sagging and although most women are religious about using skincare and sunscreen on their face they often neglect this area, leading to crepiness, sagging and pigmentation.

But with the right mix of products and treatments, you can tighten, tone and sculpt sagging skin for a younger look.





If you want to improve your neck, the first thing you must do is start treating it like your face – exfoliate a couple of times a week and use a moisturiser/sun screen there every day.

The same collagen-boosting retinols, free radical-fighting antioxidants, and skin-smoothing peptides you use on your face can also be applied to the neck, but because the skin tends to be thinner, with fewer oil glands, you may want to pick targeted products designed to safeguard against sensitivity.

For crepiness and discoloration, use a glycolic exfoliator a couple of times a week to help with the turnover of dull, damaged cells and treat your neck to a weekly mask. Gently massage your neck with an upward stroke. This will stimulate the skin – be careful not to pull or stretch the skin though.

The one universal essential for every routine is a daily protective dose of sunscreen with SPF30 minimum and if you have short hair, apply it to the back of your neck and the sides too.

Losing weight rapidly can contribute to a saggy neckline so follow a healthy diet to maintain good skin tone.

Consider the size of pillow you sleep on. High pillows result in neck wrinkles over a long period of time, but a small pillow maximizes the angle between the face and neck, thus slowing down the skin’s ageing process.

Try implementing targeted facial exercises into your morning routine for a “natural lift” that tightens and gives your face a more youthful appearance. Try this simple exercise – lift your bottom teeth over your top teeth ten times, twice a day.

Finally, keep your chin up. If your chin is permanently tucked into your chest you are more likely to develop permanent creases in your neck, as well as putting your neck more at risk of injury.



*Argan Skin Rescue Nourish, £21 ( 90 per cent organic and a natural collagen enhancer to help strengthen skin and prevent dehydration – for better hydration apply to damp skin

*Jan Marini Juveneck £69 ( is specially formulated for the neck and boasts a blend of potent antioxidants and peptides to smooth crepey skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and improve definition.

*Formula Advanced Skin Solutions Neurolight Dark Spot Correcting Neck & Décolleté Cream, £18 ( – developed in Swiss laboratories to target pigmentation and containing Neurolight, extracted from the white flowers of the sand lily to inhibit the production of melanin and help fade and reduce age spots


Most non-invasive skin tightening treatment swill only work on the neck if there’s not too much sag and then you are looking at a lengthy course of treatments. Because the neck doesn’t have the same glandular or vascular structure as the face, we   tend to avoid using lases in this area as the risk of side effects like scarring and hyperpigmentation may be higher – especially in the wrong hands. For most people with a bad case of turkey neck or loose skin a neck lift is usually the only option but the procedure today can be carried out under local anaesthetic and can transform the neck and lower face area. . Here are our three gold standard and preferred procedures for neck rejuvenation.


*Neck Lift

Called a platysmaplasty and carried out using local anaesthetic this involves making tiny incisions in the lower hairline or behind the ears. The skin is pulled up the excess is removed and it’s stitched into place. Downtime is a couple of weeks, with swelling and bruising, The scars will be hidden in the hairline or behind the ear and will be pink for at least six weeks and may take up to a year to fade. Results will last up to ten years. From £5500 0207 436 4441


*The Silhouette Lift.

Best suited for those with a little sag, this can make a dramatic difference to the jawline without going under the knife. Using local anaesthetic, this involves making a tiny incision behind the ear and along the jawline and uses soft sutures to lift the skin back into place. There’s little swelling or bruising and downtime is minimal.  £999. 0207 436 4441


*Viora Reaction

This uses RF energy to stimulate collagen and elastin fibres, and improve skin’s elasticity. The procedure is suitable for the jowl area, helping to disperse fat under the chin and soften horizontal necklines but the results will depend on how much fat or sag you have.  No downtime and a course of six weekly treatments recommended. Course of 6 £900 0207 436 4441

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