And they’re as light as a feather…

Larger implants are heavier and put more strain on breast tissue, causing sagging, poor posture, and back pain so some uplifting news for women is the introduction of new ultra light breast implants called B-lite. Breast implants have pretty much stayed the same weight for years, so this is a break through for women who need want implants but don’t want the extra weight. Even better, this means the lighter they are, the slower the sagging process.

Procedure: Standard implants are usually made from a tough silicone shell with silicone gel but the latest B-lite implants are 30 per cent lighter than conventional ones. Ten years in development they are made from a gel containing tiny hollow microspheres made from borosilicate – an ultra-light but super-strong material used in Nasa’s space shuttle. However, surgery using these new implants will set you back around £6,500 but results will last significantly longer than the standard eight to ten years.

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