When it comes to male grooming habits, there’s been a huge shift in attitude over the years.

Ten years ago it was unheard of but today no one blinks an eyelid at the sight of a man spending time and money on his appearance.

And gone are the days when a man will borrow his partner’s moisturiser – nowadays he has own  – along with an eye cream and an exfoliator.

With modern society’s emphasis on youth and physical attraction, women aren’t the only ones who want to accentuate their best facial features and most males now follow a grooming routine that would probably give the average female a run for her money.

With an estimated 52 per cent of male consumers considering their appearance to be very important, the male grooming market has taken off big time.

A recent survey showed that 75 per cent of men now buy their own grooming products with 41% saying they “thoroughly enjoy” shopping for men’s grooming products.

 Surprisingly,  the star performer in the male grooming market, men’s skincare, reported sales of £29.5m in 2015, outperforming women’s skincare.

From the gym to the bathroom, male grooming products are part of the essential package of men wanting to look and feel good and this month sees the launch of Monroe with its debut range of skincare products for the discerning male. 

Developed by two high profile photographers, Luke Reynolds and Gareth Boden, what makes this men’s line different is that in addition to making it easy to use, it has been designed for the specific structure and composition of men’s skin.

“Men are increasingly more motivated by the same things that motivate women, especially when it comes to their physical appearances” says Luke Reynolds who together with his business partner Gareth Boden spotted a gap in the market.

The pair have been friends since the mid-nineties, when they met working together in the photography industry. They both went on to build successful businesses but have now reunited to create a range of skin care for men. Monroe of London was born out of their friendship and passion for quality products that are beautifully and faultlessly designed.

Says Luke “”We wanted a brand all men can use, not just a niche part of the market. Our goal was to not only design an aesthetically pleasing product, but also create a range that promotes skin health. Our products have been designed to take the stress out of grooming, and our dual-purpose approach makes them something that men can fit into their daily routine saving time and confusion.”

While more and more men’s lines are appearing on cosmetic shelves, many contain dyes and scents that can aggravate men’s skin but Monroe’s products are all paraben free. 

Enlisting the support of Harley Street Skin Clinic, Monroe collaborated with their specialists to develop superior skin care ingredients.

??Formulated using superior ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid, Glycolic Acid and Vitamin A that are effective but gentle and with a bespoke signature fragrance, the Monroe range aims to feed and hydrate the skin while cleansing, moisturising and protecting it before, during and after shaving. The range also includes a clay hair style and a hand cream.

Each bespoke formulation makes use of advanced science and skin care ingredients that are safe, effective and proven to work and all the products are made in Britain and suitable for all skin types.

Says Reynolds  “ A man’s skin is around 20% thicker than a woman’s, is rich in collagen and elastin, making it firmer and giving it an advantage in the aging process. However, it is oilier, has a tendency to sweat more, and is prone to dehydration due to daily shaving which is why cleansing is so important Our daily cleanser, for instance doubles as a shaving gel, and contains antioxidants to combat signs of ageing. Our hero product, No 2 Moisturiser & Shave Balm doubles up as a shave balm with SPF20 and contains hyaluronic acid to increase skin’s elasticity.

Adds Reynolds “Given our fast-paced lives, the pressures of modern living, and not to mention the stresses of today’s life there really isn’t any reason why men shouldn’t crave much needed ‘me time’ like women.

*The collection includes: No 1 Cleanse & Shave Solution, No 2 Moisturiser & Shave Balm SPF20, No 3 Exfoliator, No 4 Cologne, Hair & Body Wash, Total Eye Maintenance,Anti-Oxidant Face Mist,Night Recovery Serum, Gentle Hand Care, Matte Clay (Hair), Candle, Kit Bag

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