Move aside Vampire lift. Botox? Old news. Technology moves fast in the anti ageing world. From the new skin plumping 180 needle facial to the fat melting injection, we catch up the latest treatments and trends making an impact.
The 180 needle anti ageing facial
DermaFrac is the next generation of micro needling, designed to resurface and improve the tone and texture of the skin without pain or downtime.  The procedure uses a pen-like roller containing 180 super-fine needles which is rolled across the skin to create thousands of tiny channels through which an infusion of epidermal growth factors is simultaneously released. The DermaFrac needles (which range from depths of 0.25mm – 0.5mm) are set at just the precise level to stimulate collagen production while the infusion of growth factors help cell turnover, leaving the skin immediately plumper and more refined. For best results six treatments recommended  at two to four week intervals. £150 per treatment or £795 for a course of six  – 0845 602 1161
The Spider Web Face Lift
Thread lifts are the fastest growing treatment and this latest version uses multiple threads  which are crossed over one another in the deep tissues of the skin to create a spider’s web like frame. The creation of this frame gives the skin and deep tissues a more robust suspension and results are similar to a surgical lift, lifting & tightening the skin and because the threads also boost collagen, the process will have a rejuvenating effect on skin tone. Results are immediate with around a week’s downtime as there may be a little swelling or bruising around the injection site and once the threads are in place results are expected to last around 18 months. From £2k –  0207 436 4441
The Melt Away Chin Firmer
Belkyra is the new fat melting injection designed  to reduce fat  under the chins. Similar to a substance found naturally in the digestive system that helps dissolve the fats we eat, it works by permanently dissolving the fat cells which are resistant to diet or exercise. Each treatment can consist of up to 50 injections depending on the amount of fat. Most patients will require between three and six treatments, a month apart. Initial results can be seen after only two treatments and as damaged fat cells do not regrow the results are permanent. Following the injection, there can be some stinging or mild discomfort, and some mild swelling can occur for a few days following. 
Pain free Wrinkle Smoothers
Juvapen is the latest way to get a jab of wrinkle smoothing Botox. The pen like instrument is actually a mini motorized syringe holder than means injections are less painful and more accurate than using a traditional needle. Research shows that using the pen like device also minimizes redness and bruising and allows total precision and accuracy especially when injecting difficult areas around the eyes and lips. The doctor can focus on the injection technique and location rather than on controlling the dosage injected.  The device always injects the preselected dose so there is no chance of injecting too much leading to a frozen look.  How it works – expect to pay around £280 – contact 07765 850924
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