These skin and body boosters are tipped to take the next 12 months by storm…

Why have one treatment when you can have two or three at once? Combination tweatments are set to be the next big thing, using everything from threats to collagen stimulating injections, filler, Botox and laser, sometimes in one session. Combining treatments means you see faster results at a fraction of the downtime. You can potentially achieve a look only possibly through an invasive procedure.

Say goodbye to droopy brows and eyes without surgery thanks to special threads designed for this area, which are absorbed over time. They lift the outer corners of the eyes and brows to create almond-shaped peepers. It takes under an hour under local anaesthetic.

is set to be the most wanted no-knife tweakment this year using High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound technology. This one-off non-invasive treatment can tighten your brows, neck and jowls. A small handpiece creates ultrasound pulses that go into the underlying connective tissue, boosting collagen and elastin production. There’s minimal downtime, but you may experience puffiness and tenderness.
Results last up to a year, depending on lifestyle. Full face and neck costs from £800.

EMSculpt is a new body-contouring treatment that helps to build muscle by blasting them with electromagnetic energy. Initially designed for the abdomen and buttocks, it’s been modified to target smaller muscle areas. The entire muscle is activated by rapid pulses, rather than the 40-70 per cent achieved by tensing. One 20-minute session can mimic the effect of 20,000 biceps curly! From £750 per session. 

Regenerative medicine is set to be huge. By using a patient’s own blood and stem cells, these ‘organic’ procedures can delay the signs of ageing by slowing the process at a cellular level. Skin will look younger and healthier as it stimulates collagen and elastin growth. It can be used to stimulate new hair, and to treat skin wounds and painful joints.
It’s a costly procedure, but results are spectacular. From £3,500.



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