Gone are the days when liposuction and lip fillers were considered over the top.  Nowadays, women and men will stop at nothing to get the body of their dreams – whatever it takes.
Welcome to the new world of cosmetic surgery where shoulder shaping and designer dimples are regularly replacing boob jobs and tummy tucks. We’re all for innovation in the world of aesthetics but along with this pioneering spirit, we’re also seeing  some procedures that are just plain daft.
The most dangerous word in cosmetic surgery can sometimes be “new “. And unlike making a mistake by, say, having a new haircut which isn’t entirely flattering, some cosmetic procedures can be irreversible or even do harm. Here we look at the ‘ next big thing’ happening on our shores and oversees – along with a cautionary word …
Fake Freckles
Although freckles are a sign of sun damage, the latest trend Stateside is to fake them using semi permanent make up. The procedure involves tattooing ink across the cheeks and around the nose to resemble the smattering of freckles you can sometimes get when you’ve been in the sun.  Women who want the summer look of freckles all year round have sparked the trend. The treatment costs from £250, takes around an hour to do and the semi permanent ink used during the process can take up to three years to fade.
Verdict: When carried out by an experienced therapist, semi permanent make up is a great treatment for disguising scars, thinning brows and restoring a lip line. But freckles? Never – especially after the ages of 30 when they just look like what they are – skin damage and pigmentation.
Designer Dimples
Thanks to Kendall Jenner and Miranda Kerr, lower back dimples are the latest celebrity inspired body trend.  Dubbed Venus Dimples, because they are said to a sign of good health and a great sex life, women who aren’t naturally blessed with these natural dents are seeking a cosmetic solution. The procedure involves liposuction to sculpt the lower back area to give the illusion of dimples. The  £4,000 procedure takes a couple of hours and recovery can take up to ten days. Face dimples are also on the rise thanks to Cheryl Cole’s winning grin. This involves making a connection between the skin and the cheek muscle, so that when the muscle contracts, it pulls the skin inwards to form a dimple. Facial Dimpleplasty costs around £2,000 and takes around an hour to perform. ,
Verdict: In the hands of a good surgeon, back sculpting can help reshape the bottom area especially if dieting and exercise have left pockets of fat, but undergoing a major procedure simply to sculpting dimples is daft. As for facial dimples, these can also add character in a youthful face but will they look as good in your forties and fifties. This type of surgery will just cause major dents in your bank balance
Belly Button Lasering
Thanks to Kim Kardashian another rising celebrity trend over the pond, is a belly button makeover. “Anyone that’s had babies understands what it does to your belly button afterwards and how much your belly button changes,” the reality star recently posted on social media.  Pregnancy, hormonal shifts, ageing and weight loss can all affect the shape of the belly button causing the tissue to wrinkle and sag so Kim underwent a resurfacing laser procedure to smooth and tighten the skin. The procedure normally takes around half an hour and can cost up to £1000.
Verdict: Performed by an experienced doctor, laser can tighten and rejuvenate the skin but in our opinion won’t deliver significant results to the belly button area especially when the skin is loose.  A mini tuck will help reshape the belly button if it has been stretched out of shape or a course of radio frequency treatments can tone and tighten the tummy all over.
Shoulder Shrinking
Gaining popularity in Korea, the world capital of plastic surgery, is ‘botox-ing’ the shoulders in order to slim down and reduce the look of bulky shoulders in women. The treatment costs from £400 and involves injecting Botox into the shoulder muscles.
Verdict: Over the years, Botox has taken on many new uses that are sometimes quite controversial. However, using a neurotoxin such as Botox simply to weaken or reduce muscle mass necessary for everyday use is not something we recommend and not advisable.
Space age Breast Implants
Breast implants have pretty much stayed the same weight for years, so the introduction of new ultra light breast implants which offer women larger breasts without the weight is something of a break through. Standard implants are usually made from a tough silicone shell with silicone gel but the latest B-lite implants are made from a gel containing tiny hollow microspheres made from borosilicate – an ultra-light but super-strong material used in Nasa’s space shuttle. However, surgery using these new implants will set you back around £6,500 but results are said to last significantly longer than the standard eight to ten years. 
Verdict :Some uplifting news for women who need larger implants but don’t want the extra weight and, even better, this means the lighter they are, the slower the sagging process. 
The Foot Lift
From toe shortening to toe lipo, foot lifts are gaining popularity as women seek to make pointy shoes fit better or to give ugly feet a makeover. Toe-shortening surgery, which trims overly long toes, is extremely painful takes at least three hours and surgeons will saw through bone to shorten the toe while toe lipo involves sucking fat out to reduce the width of the little toe so that it doesn’t hang over the edge of sandal. The procedures cost from £3,000
Verdict: Be warned, the risks associated with cosmetic foot surgery far outweigh the benefits and complications can be brutal. Recovery from foot surgery will take months, not to mention the risks of nerve injury and prolonged swelling as it is very hard for feet to drain fluid. Our advice is to avoid all cosmetic foot surgery unless deemed absolutely necessary.
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